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Fall Day

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Claim was flooded and covered with beaver dams. Very excited by the amount of activity on the creek above claim. Will go back next summer.


Father's Day at Dollenmeier #7

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Wife and I went up to Dollenmeier to check it out and to see what is there. GPS coordinates posted as attachment on “Getting There” tab was pretty much spot on, and this was the first time I used my GPS to find anything. We took about ¾+ of a 5gal bucket of material from the bottom of a fairly large hole at the center point of the claim. As Mr. Hawkins stated in his report, lots of organics. I have yet to run it through my Gold Cube, but hope to in the very near future. I’ll update this post when I do to report what was found.


Prospected Dollenmeier #7

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Back a few weeks ago, I visited this claim for the first time. I could not explore most of the claim because there was still ~2 feet of snow in the forested area and a closed gate. But I did collect 1@5 gal bucket screened to #4. I brought that home and wet sieved it through a #8 screen. I ran the 8 minus material (about 4/5 bucket) through my gold cube. I then dried the 'super cons' and separated in 8 fractions from 10+ down to 100 minus. I panned each fraction separately. My finds were 1@100+ flake and about 11@100- flakes. Pretty low considering the amount of material I ran but something! Makes me wonder what else is there! About 1/2 the bucket came from the prospecting ditch and 1/2 from gravel area next to a trail. All was surface soil and had considerable organics. Much less magnetics (magnetite and hematite) than I am used to on the Arkansas or Clear Creek.

Photo of my final pan with all flakes shown. Diane for reference. Happy prospecting! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


More photos - winter exploring

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Photos of claim


Winter exploring - first time to this claim

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I live in CO and have a place up in Park County. Yet - I only learned of this claim a few months ago from a fellow prospector. So I had to check it out while up in the mountains this weekend. A few comments and photos to share:

- The online mining guide indicates this is BLM land. It is not. This is in the Pike National Forest.
- the forest service road FS117, that one has to take to get to the claim (point of ingress) is closed from January 1 thru June 15. So I had to leave the family with the car and walk. The road ends at a gate and the gate has a 'no parking' sign.
- I got past the gate on foot (access point - step over a bar kind of walkway) and explored.
- there was too much snow despite the warmer Feb we've had in CO. So I could not get to the claim center.
- I did not see any claim signs or markers, despite following the GPS coordinates posted. I believe we should double check the GPS coordinates and have the claims administrator look for claim markers in spring.
- the land was beautifully wooded with pines - bordering open high prairie.
- I assume the claim gives us access to Four Mile creek (just to the north according to my topo maps) and it looks like a wonderful spot to come back to in warmer weather.
- plenty of land and pine forest to camp in nearby