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Ran up for a look-see

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Was up on all three claims on 10-14-2017. Campsites are clean. Middle site on Hal. was in use. Motorhome at the bridge going to Riverside is not on the claim (been there for 6 weeks now, expect it to be towed soon), and neither is the huge trash pile between the road and creek just after the bridge. Talked to a BLM guy, and he was getting a crew in this week to haul it out.
Access to Riverside is gravel road, suitable for passenger car, Paved road all the way through Hal. and Angie. Last mile or so is one lane with turnouts, suitable for trailers or motorhomes. Large turn around area in gravel storage are on the left about a mile east of Angie.

Riverside has fines, small flakes and some wire gold. Hal. has fines, flake and occasional picker. Have never been on Angie. Dredging is still legal on these 3 claims, Up to 4 inch nozzle, and within the season. Need the appropiate permit from state DEQ.

If you visit these three claims and notice anything amiss or have questions, please drop me a PM, and I'll take corrective action as one of the owners of two of them, or try and answer questions. Our Chapter has adopted all three, and members are there quite often.


Angie M. Ok gold.

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Ran about 10 buckets of 1/2" classified dirt from behind large rocks through a sluice. One picker and 10 flakes. Camped by the road. Steep climb down to the river, but tied a rope to a tree to assist up the bank and was manageable. Haven't been to this claim since dredging was allowed. It is a lot of work without a dredge. Great area. There was a abandoned motor home and abandoned camp site. The campsite had clothing and household goods strewn about. Right in front of a forest service sign that states to keep it clean and haul your trash out. Very disappointing. A few will ruin it for us all. Both the motor home and camp sight had mail and pill bottles with a Sweethome address. I hauled four large trash bags out, but that was all that I could fit. This was not on the Angie M, but the Riverside Mine claim one mile downstream on Galena Creek.


Dirty, unsanitary, large homless camps.

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james heddinger
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No gold and too much magnetite. Also almost no quartz. Spent a short time in this claim, but the garbage and human waste was overwhelming. Abandoned RV on or near riverside claim that was full of garbage. This is a travesty that this area used to be pristine. This is one of the most beautiful areas and is now gross.