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Hot Spring at Lode 1

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At the Holcomb Gold outing today Todd Alpert took me to Lode 1 to see what he discovered. Miners had worked this spot and removed a lot of material. What we learned is: Lode 1 is 1,000 feet below the surface, a million years ago there was a hot spring that flowed over these rocks, this hot spring was depositing gold from the lode below and the miners removed most of the gold deposit.


Yes, I selected High Banker in the desert!!

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Tim Smith
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Agree, this is a beautiful claim. Had a chance to visit this past weekend. Seen a lot of Drywashing evidence activity and my crew has many allergies :-( Why not use my Gold Cube and a little H2O, I thought :-) So, for a C-Note, loaded a 35gal water tank in the back of my RAM and we're off to Holcomb. After some small mods, was able to run the Gold Cube off the 35 gals of water all day long. Chanced upon another GPAA member, Todd who took the time to show how those dowsing rods work :-) Thanks Todd. Prospected Lode 2 all the way to the northern boundary. Will be back this weekend.



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This place is beautiful. Charles, thank you for your report. It really helped. I realize now you guys were working on the east side of the road just above where the road becomes accessible only via a rock-crawler.
We saw some older pits and a fairly recent one. This was mostly a scouting mission for us so we just sampled around. About 3 buckets full yielding a lot of fines. Nothing course but very consistent results. I do plan on making a few more scouting runs before we really start working it but you can definitely see potential here.
On the way in I noticed a tailing pile so we went and checked it out and here was one of the foxholes someone dug out.


Lodes discovered on Holcomb Gold Claim.

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There are 5 different lodes going thru the Holcomb claim. The red lines are lodes and the blue lines are faults with no gold. We have only been working off of Lode 2, below the fork in the lode. If you follow a lode, you can see evidence of prior mining being done near the lode. You can see a road a prospector cut to the lower end of Lode 1. He cleared an area to park too. The forked area was originally identified by Tom "Catfish" Caughlin as a "Hot Spot" back in 2013 using map dowsing. I learned from Catfish how to do this too. Ronnie McCoy reported he has been to 3 of the lodes. Very hard to get to even in a 4x4. Found color on all 3 lodes.