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The old timers didn’t get it all. I found Gold!!

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Dry washer did really good here. .75 grams of gold.



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great claim, fine gold. worked area around fracture load #1. here is our gold.
and some photos


nice gold in holcomb valley

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nice fine gold, from ingress area used trail to drive to western portion to prospect load #1 ABOVE THE FRACTURE on Jojolas map report. if you want to prospect the more center part of the claim you must find parking after you pass the ingress area on the main road.
the gold is fine. the property has a lot of opportunity to find gold. large rock formations, wildlife, trees everywhere with tailing just have to pay close attention to worked areas which seems line everywhere it the Holcomb valley.
a photo of the load area in the report prior to this one is a very cool load to check out. I took some small sample rocks from there to process later.
If you get to this claim please post your gold and show others It is there. you just need to learn the property/claim and sample sample sample until you find it then go back and mine it!!

enjoy I hope you find my report useful


Hot Spring at Lode 1

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At the Holcomb Gold outing today Todd Alpert took me to Lode 1 to see what he discovered. Miners had worked this spot and removed a lot of material. What we learned is: Lode 1 is 1,000 feet below the surface, a million years ago there was a hot spring that flowed over these rocks, this hot spring was depositing gold from the lode below and the miners removed most of the gold deposit.


Yes, I selected High Banker in the desert!!

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Tim Smith
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Agree, this is a beautiful claim. Had a chance to visit this past weekend. Seen a lot of Drywashing evidence activity and my crew has many allergies :-( Why not use my Gold Cube and a little H2O, I thought :-) So, for a C-Note, loaded a 35gal water tank in the back of my RAM and we're off to Holcomb. After some small mods, was able to run the Gold Cube off the 35 gals of water all day long. Chanced upon another GPAA member, Todd who took the time to show how those dowsing rods work :-) Thanks Todd. Prospected Lode 2 all the way to the northern boundary. Will be back this weekend.