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Well, what can I say? This claim has so much promise, but it I guarantee you will question the wisdom of trying to get into it before you get to the creek. The west side of the claim is really steep-don't try it. Parking above the east side of the claim at the road split is best, but be careful not to stray onto the private property adjoining the claim. The guy who owns the house there is extremely vigilant and pretty hostile.
Once you start toward the creek, there are really no real trails I could ever find, just game trails. And I hope you are not prone to poison oak-you will be literally swimming through it. Head down hill, trying to find areas where the brush is open. Any way you go, though, it's brutal brush busting, off-trail going. It will probably take you at least 45 minutes to go the 400 yards to the creek. Once you reach the creek, it is pretty tight confines, but lots of good looking crevices and gravels. Used banjo pan, ran about 5 gallons of material and only found a few tiny flakes, not even enough to mess with saving. Actually pretty disappointed, especially considering how miserable it was getting down there. I would bet this claim has some great gold somewhere on the claim, but just not worth the pain in my opinion.


member report 1/2017

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went byway of small trail at pull out did 6 pans found small flakes