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Steve Mattes



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2nd Saturday of every month at 10:00 am
Warren Park
3406 Warren Park Rd
Belle Isle, FL 32812
Steve Mattes

The Orlando Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America was started back in 2002, maybe even earlier, but that is the date associated with the chapters earliest events.  Situated in central Florida, we have members that travel  to our meetings from as far away as Jacksonville to Miami on the east coast, and Port Richey to Naples on the west coast.   Upon occasion we have members from other chapters dropping by during their vacations.


Pretty much whatever gold is in Florida for prospecting is in the microscopic size range, so as a chapter we have to be a bit adventuress in prospecting.  Our members routinely head into the southern Appalachian gold belt states visiting GPAA claims, WEGM claims, private property, and various State / Federal areas open for prospecting.  We also have several members that own claims, and travel during the summer months. Another option is Metal Detecting.  Here if one is lucky you can find Silver, Gold, and even Platinum.  Please note that the gold will be already processed into various 10k to 18k designs, with some even having a bit of clear and colored crystal inclusions.   These are a rare find indeed, and take many, many, many hours of effort to locate. 


As a chapter we are open to everyone.  Our monthly meetings and many events do not require membership, so feel free to drop by and join us.

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