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17 Replies and 26210 Views NEW POLL: California Supreme Court Ruling - People vs. Rinehart     26210  17 Started by Voice your opinions above (or below) to help prospectors understand and gain ground in our ongoing Land Rights Battle. Read the GPAA Article here - Read the official court ruling here - for the love of prospecting, the Gold Prospectors Association of America & the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association
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by  ROBERT GALYANJump to last post
19 Oct 2016 11:42 AM
11 Replies and 16664 Views Tenn now, your state next?  16664  11 Started by Hello all GPAA members,  this was posted on the Coker Creek chapter site. East coast prospectors take note, especially the underlined part near the bottom.   To all Recreational Prospectors. The TDEC (The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) has just sent us their final draft of the 2014-15 Recreational Prospecting Permit. The news is not good. Many changes were made from the last draft that we posted and from the way Allen Trotter and I (Chuck Pharis) read it, it l...
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by  Earl WebbJump to last post
29 Apr 2024 01:58 AM
0 Replies and 1474 Views New Suggestions from DoI  1474  0 Started by Found this document when I was browsing last night. Interested to hear what others think about their recommendations. “ Recommendations to Improve Mining on Public Lands”
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19 Feb 2024 01:05 PM
5 Replies and 23286 Views Nome Gold Beaches  23286  5 Started by Nome Gold Alaska Corporation a Russian company ....................... Suposedly has leased or Claimed all the (used to be) public beach.. ran every off all campers and beach prospectors BEACH IS CLOSED... What happened to ' claim 60 feet of beach to prospect...     this is news to those of us who have dreamed of Gold Beaches Of NOME....Any info or court case info would help...
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by  Benjamin BelfiglioJump to last post
19 Feb 2023 10:12 AM
1 Replies and 5685 Views Ken & Brian 1 & 2 Alaska.  5685  1 Started by The coordinates given for entry to claim is blocked by a locked gate by the power company. There is no place to park, and no place to access claim, based off information given both on site and in guide. Anyone with expirence with this claim that might be able to give better information
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by  Benjamin BelfiglioJump to last post
02 Nov 2022 12:41 AM
5 Replies and 26308 Views Avoiding Claim Jumping  26308  5 Started by I have a question that seems to be very complicated, but I was hoping someone out there might be able to simplify it for me.  I have been doing TONS of research trying to figure out how to avoid claim jumping on BLM lands.  I feel like I've figured out about 95 of the process, but can't figure out the last little bit, or I am completely going about this the wrong way.  Here's what I've figured out so far: Step 1: I go to and locate a BLM area that looks interes...
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by  Benjamin BelfiglioJump to last post
13 Oct 2022 10:01 PM
2 Replies and 5002 Views Trouble in Idaho  5002  2 Started by If any of you are AMRA members also, you already know what's going on in Idaho. AMRA members are being denied their rights to LEGAL claims by the USFS and also by the Idaho Department of Water resources. Neither organization can point to a law forbidding the activity and have cited jail time and fines if they do not cease mining. This is a call to action to all miners and Patriots! Do not allow the liberal bastions of eco putzes to destroy our way of life simply because they don't like it. Start...
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by  Tim HolmesJump to last post
09 May 2022 08:28 PM
5 Replies and 5865 Views Oregon River Democracy Act  5865  5 Started by The two Oregon Senators have introduced the above bill in Congress. It will add over 4,000 miles of Oregon waterways to the Wild and Scenic River system. It will include 640 acres per river mile---that is 1/2 mile on either side if ordinary high water line. All lands and waters designated will be withdrawn from mineral entry. What that means is, you can't file a claim, and if an existing claim is closed for any reason, it can't be refiled, and it's gone forever This b...
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by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
22 Nov 2021 08:45 PM
4 Replies and 3870 Views claims  3870  4 Started by If anyone on this site watches the ebay mineing claim sale, beware there is a person trying to sell a claim on the smith river oregon. this is a false representaion, there is no gold in this river, the person uses data from a geologic survey done on the smith river in upper california, and also talks about gold in douglas county, wich of course there is , just not where this claim is. I contacted this person to let them know the error of there ways, but got the mind your own buisness attitude. c...
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by  Christopher SatkowskiJump to last post
29 Jun 2021 02:09 PM
0 Replies and 2333 Views Changes in the Air  2333  0 Started by Ongoing since 2019
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19 Jun 2021 11:21 PM
3 Replies and 4755 Views How to find claims to lease?  4755  3 Started by I’m not sure if this is the right forum section for this or not I have a cpl. Placer Claims in Colorado and Alaska. They are decent for smallish amounts of super fine gold. I have 3 young boys that love spending time at the claims (gold or not). I’d like to find some more productive ground in Colorado even if it is a lease deal. I’d be fine with something like a 20 deal if I could reasonably get ~1oz per week using mostly man power and my small trailer mounted wash plant. Where do I...
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by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
03 Feb 2021 10:39 PM
4 Replies and 8811 Views Gold Claims in California  8811  4 Started by I'm not even sure where to post this as its my first post here. Mostly I just scan the forums and property listings for interesting ideas on places to go panning. This had me thinking. recently a Buddy of mine filed for a mining claim in Nevada which he said was rather easy by comparison to California. Does anyone have experience or know how to do this in California. I've looked around online for a while and the information doesn't seem that helpful. As he put it, 'Yeah they bury the forms on p...
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by  Steve ScukanecJump to last post
01 Jul 2020 11:46 AM
0 Replies and 3126 Views Gravel, Rock, or Sand Extraction Agreement  3126  0 Started by Gravel, Rock, or Sand Extraction Agreement A Gravel, Rock, or Sand Extraction Agreement applies to commercial or non-commercial mining or extraction of gravel, sand, rock, or other aggregate material. IS THIS GONNA FLY!!! 1500$$!!! You HAVE TO SUBMIT and THEY DECIDE IF YOU'RE EXEMPT LSA agreement only required if the activity SUBSTANTIALLY alters the water But you have to file!!! To find out
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26 Apr 2020 02:28 AM
0 Replies and 2148 Views specie money  2148  0 Started by South Carolina bills 4786 and 4787 involves use of coined gold and silver money. See YouTube video. copy and paste link below.
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04 Jan 2020 01:41 PM
7 Replies and 4603 Views East Fork San Gabrial closed  4603  7 Started by I'm just wondering now that East fork is a national park are there any places along the river say closer to the reservoirs that a person might pan or sluice. I'm just not sure where the line is and I hate to drive 80 mi just to find out. Thank you Mike
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by  CHRISTOPHER SATKOWSKIJump to last post
29 Oct 2019 05:24 PM
34 Replies and 50311 Views Keeping Oregon as a dredging state  50311  34 Started by
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go to this link to help with dredging: This is for people in and out of the state of Oregon.  This petition asks the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kitzhaber to recognize existing environmental impact studies showing many positive effects, and no lasting negative effects, of suction dredge mining on Oregon’s waterways
34 50311
by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
11 Jul 2019 10:59 AM
11 Replies and 4963 Views Lawful Mining, markers, agencies, forms, info, etc  4963  11 Started by LAWFUL MINING CLAIMS Current events trends towards erosion of mining rights and withdraw of use from public lands. Some progress has been made in the courts to restore rights. GPAA Mining Guide no longer lists all State and Federal agencies they may require notification for leases, contracts, royalties, regulations, planning, approval and permitting.
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by  BENNETT HELGERSONJump to last post
21 Jun 2019 03:32 PM
2 Replies and 4344 Views Claim signs and markers  4344  2 Started by I have a claim in San Bernadino, someone keeps taking my signs and monument posts, any suggestions
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by  robert murataJump to last post
10 Jun 2019 12:27 PM
0 Replies and 2315 Views AMRA PROTEST SAC  2315  0 Started by Just posting to spread the word. As of right now AMRA will be having a peaceful protest in Sacramento on August 27th, 2019 1pm, State Capitol and bring your LOUD VOICE. I will be there and hope anyone else who can be there will be there. WE WILL send a message to those politicians who think they can walk over the people of the state, ignoring federal laws and regulations and taking away our rights. Link to AMRA :
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06 Jun 2019 09:49 AM
0 Replies and 2452 Views BOHMKER v OREGON  2452  0 Started by ATTN. ALL GPAA – LDMA MEMBERS ACTION ALERT Please read the below information and act as quickly as possible in support of this case. Additional information and samples of letters can be obtained on the Waldo Mining District website Fell free to reach out to Tom Kitchar, President Waldo Mining District with any questions you may have regarding this landmark case and why the Solicitor General recommended to the US Supreme Court that this case be ...
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22 Feb 2019 02:43 PM
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