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0 Replies and 1012 Views GPAA claims in Virginia  1012  0 Started by Does the GPAA have any workable claims in Virginia
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11 Mar 2024 11:03 AM
0 Replies and 480 Views GPAA claims in Virginia  480  0 Started by Does the GPAA have any workable claims in Virginia
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11 Mar 2024 11:03 AM
0 Replies and 2894 Views Panning technique -- tap tap tap to clean your cons faster  2894  0 Started by Many already know the basics of gold panning: stratify your material by shaking your pan left and right so that the gold sinks down. Then, you wash out the less dense material with water. And repeat. For the last little bit of black sand and gold, many people swirl the water around in a circle to uncover the gold or tip the pan forward and backwards. While this works, it takes so much time, and sometimes results in flakes getting swept too far down the pan. There's a technique you can use to wal...
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12 Sep 2023 01:20 AM
1 Replies and 3273 Views Clear Creek Prospecting Trip  3273  1 Started by Will be in area mid-June if interested. Homack 1,2,3 claims and surrounding area. Probably go to Vic's and Phoenix Gold mine. If there are other good areas to sluice or pan near Idaho Springs let me know. When in town I will be directly on Chicago Creek.
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by  Brad PentonJump to last post
13 Aug 2023 10:20 PM
5 Replies and 6288 Views shenago river, PA  6288  5 Started by Has anyone ever panned in the Shenago river in PA
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by  JONATHAN RAYJump to last post
26 Oct 2022 09:20 AM
0 Replies and 1526 Views Prospecting trip  1526  0 Started by Got out looking for new ground. Not bad and looking to get back there !
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25 Aug 2022 01:19 PM
5 Replies and 11308 Views Yellowstone River, Montana  11308  5 Started by Has anyone had any success panning for gold in the Yellowstone River I live a couple of blocks away from in in the Billings, MT area.
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by  BRIAN WILLIAMSJump to last post
25 Apr 2022 02:07 AM
1 Replies and 3507 Views Crook county oregon  3507  1 Started by Anyone know of any claims in Crook County Oregon
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by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
04 Jan 2022 04:56 PM
1 Replies and 12251 Views Prospecting a Creek in High Colorado -- 15 May 15  12251  1 Started by Hey GPAA Gold Prospectors... I had cabin fever, so I decided to hit the hills and prospect/sample pan on a nice creek that flows into the Arkansas River North of where I live... I have driven by this creek dozens and dozens of times over the years.  Finally went out for about 1 1/2 hours in the snow, wind and sample panned up the creek about 1/4 mile from the road access. The day was probably up to 45 degrees, but the shade & wind sure made it feel colder... &91;url=http://s570.pho...
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by  Dennis BlairJump to last post
04 Sep 2021 11:43 AM
7 Replies and 3794 Views Panning near Briceburg.  3794  7 Started by Just curious if anybody has any info on the Golden Eagle claim. First timer so I figured I would start there. Any info would be appreciated.
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by  Kenneth ScottJump to last post
21 Aug 2021 07:14 PM
7 Replies and 38773 Views Finish pan preferences?  38773  7 Started by I know practice makes perfect when it comes to panning. I am curious what pans you all prefer for finish panning (removing all black sands). Eventually I would like to get a spiral wheel to help but am looking for something to put in the backpack. Let me know what you think
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by  Steven BrownJump to last post
04 Jun 2021 10:13 PM
0 Replies and 2560 Views Panning and rock hunting near Grandby co.  2560  0 Started by Are there any places near Grandby co to legally pan and rock hunt with my kids. Headed there next month for some much needed R&R and hopefully rock hunt and pan for gold. Thanks in advance.
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25 May 2021 07:37 PM
4 Replies and 3319 Views Treasure hunters  3319  4 Started by Looking for like minded adventurers in my area. Chino valley/prescott AZ. I have equipment including off road vehicle and work long and hard
4 3319
by  Brian ButlerJump to last post
02 May 2021 03:32 PM
2 Replies and 4000 Views Heading to Morristown, Wickenburg  4000  2 Started by Heading out to see Wickenburg area first time out there any neat things to see out there or Good Claims to visit I see the boundaries of Three fault anyone else have boundaries of the other claims I haven't got my book yet. Was hoping to find a claim closer to the Freeway area. Got a 2x4 Dodge Ram. Any suggestion let me know going tomorrow around noon
2 4000
by  Doyle McCandlessJump to last post
27 Mar 2021 09:09 AM
3 Replies and 4892 Views San Gabriel River  4892  3 Started by Has anyone gone and prospected in the San Gabriel River I was thinking about heading up that way this weekend and was curious about the area.
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by  Garrick SillersJump to last post
27 Jan 2021 10:54 PM
4 Replies and 4610 Views looking for prospectors  4610  4 Started by Looking for fellow prospectors in my area (Humboldt, Trinity and Siskiyou counties). Go out alone a lot to the claims in those areas and after a few encounters with bears it would be nice to have another set of eyes lol. Even if schedules can not line up to go as a group then it would be cool just to meet like minded people who have that gold fever. instagram: doctorofdevils
4 4610
by  Thomas WarinnerJump to last post
27 Jan 2021 04:13 PM
7 Replies and 15264 Views Gold Claw gold pan  15264  7 Started by Does anybody have any information about the Gold Claw gold pan Looks interesting and simple.  The videos I have seen look like it works great and fast.  Not sure if the videos are staged a little bit.     Anybody have one or have first hand experience with one  Can it be used effectively for dry panning   Very curious.
7 15264
by  ARTHUR WAUGHJump to last post
21 Jan 2021 01:29 PM
8 Replies and 21450 Views Arkansas Group Colorado  21450  8 Started by Hey ya'll. I wanted to know if anyone has ever been to the Arkansas Group in Colorado and if there is any gold and/or anything I should know about the claims or area. I will be visiting around late June and just wanted to see if this claim was worth poking around or not. This group is the only one I'm going to be near and I have never prospected in Colorado before so this will be a fun new adventure! 
8 21450
by  Brady NoonanJump to last post
27 Aug 2020 01:38 PM
3 Replies and 56382 Views Gold in Susansville Calif area  56382  3 Started by Wondering if anyone tried panning for gold in the Susansville Calif area off of the highway in the stream.....JT
3 56382
by  bill hansenJump to last post
18 Jul 2020 11:12 PM
4 Replies and 4793 Views Buchanan lease  4793  4 Started by Just killing some time headed to Buchanan lease, do I need permission or does anyone have any tips.. Headed up for 4 days
4 4793
by  BILL WYNNJump to last post
27 Apr 2020 07:53 PM
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