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0 Replies and 1754 Views tried out Buchana claim in Georgia  1754  0 Started by My neighbor and I went to the Buchanon Claim in Georgia (we are from Missouri). He made his own highbanker and we wanted to test it. First day and a half was sorting out the kinks. Our electric pump died, we went and bought a gas one, 1' hose. definitely need to go to a larger pump for water flow. He had a really big screen in it, he is going to put a smaller screen and dream mat in it. Met Toni there in Georgia, he is with the local GPAA group, very knowledgeable and nice person! Easy ...
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09 Nov 2023 07:58 AM
1 Replies and 5197 Views GoldHog Stream Sluice & Stream Sluice Mini - OPERATION MOTHERLODE  5197  1 Started by I have been prospecting and sluicing in a very heavy Fine gold area. So I decided to do a experiment. I made Custom Full Gold Hog Motherlode Mats . Made them for both the Stream Sluice and Mini Stream Sluice By gold Hog. It wad my first time custom cutting , gluing, taping the mats. But they came out great. Time to go run some material. My Low Flow mat was pulling 3/4 - 1 gram of Fine flour/sand gold from 5-6 or so buckets of material and I was still seeing Fine in the trailing's. When I ...
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by  PAUL MESHAKJump to last post
17 Feb 2023 10:28 PM
1 Replies and 2076 Views Bahde, Dickinson and BLM  2076  1 Started by Good morning from the cental time zone. Packed out from South Dakota to Arizona with pick, shovel, metal detector buckets and pans. Got to Meadview where Deanna Costen of the Nevada chapter was most helpful in getting me in and out of the Bahde claims. Thank you Deanna Costen for looking out for me on that adventure. She was also helpful in getting me some prospecting on BLM just outside of Lake Havasu. Break for Thanksgiving,,,, Thomas Allen of the Phoenix chapter hooked me up with Cowboy J...
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by  William HallJump to last post
12 Jan 2023 06:49 PM
2 Replies and 4276 Views Gold Prospecting in Switzerland  4276  2 Started by I am a recreational gold prospector in the Lucerne Napf area (Switzerland) for many years. People have been searching for gold here for over 2000 years. Where is the source of that gold Can one still find gold in Switzerland today I found more than gold in my search for the source. Auriferously, Victor
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by  VICTOR JANSJump to last post
21 Feb 2022 12:01 PM
2 Replies and 2557 Views Adding a video  2557  2 Started by I have tried to add a video of my ( Drywasher conveyer ) butt my profile does not have a ' video management ' Tab anywhere , I wanted it to go on the community site if anyone knows how to do it , It is on youtube =( Drywasher conveyer Alan Cook)
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by  ALAN COOKJump to last post
19 Feb 2022 12:19 PM
0 Replies and 1634 Views Video  1634  0 Started by I welcome feedback! And what are those red rocks
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25 Nov 2021 10:17 AM
3 Replies and 15756 Views Gold basin AZ is still a great place  15756  3 Started by So on mother's day the wife and I went to gold basin AZ claim. And found our greatest find ever using our keen puffer and our t2 detector we found a half oz of chunky and fine gold then something amazing happened we found a 2oz gold nugget specimen. What a day. Thank you GPAA we are booked for life now. Lol on a sad note there was a guy camped just behind the main camp and he left a lot of trash I didn't pick it up because in the bag was a knife and some clothes and other things that looked weir...
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by  Ron GrahamJump to last post
15 Nov 2021 08:23 AM
27 Replies and 32339 Views Husker claim South Dakota  32339  27 Started by
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The Husker Claim is running however that usually doesn't  last very long. By mid April It may be dry for the summer.  The pan was out of  1/4 bucket I filled Saturday during Easter  break.  
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by  Jason ColeJump to last post
10 Jun 2021 04:01 AM
12 Replies and 9491 Views day on the kern  9491  12 Started by No pickers but lots of fines
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by  Sergio RamirezJump to last post
15 Mar 2021 09:24 PM
1 Replies and 2774 Views Eagle Eye 3!  2774  1 Started by Went to South Dakota and prospected 2 claims found some color, the claim is not marked at all and needs to be addressed great site lots of water.
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by  KEVIN HOAGLANDJump to last post
08 Oct 2020 07:20 PM
5 Replies and 4004 Views Creek next to house  4004  5 Started by funny story I been doing small trips to other claims and been out of luck. Last weekend I took my kid out to try his banjo pan out at a creek right across the street from my house. Ended up pulling 8 small nuggets just the hour we where there. Now every day after I drop kids off I take the baby and get a bucket of gravel out of the creek and been getting a few flakes every time. Even a shovel head that was 3 feet under the gravel and some square nails when I used my brother in laws metal detecto...
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by  David GoddardJump to last post
31 Aug 2020 12:02 PM
0 Replies and 2311 Views Metal Detecting / Gold Mining  2311  0 Started by
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06 May 2020 06:47 PM
11 Replies and 18119 Views Texas Gold (yeah, Texas)  18119  11 Started by Went to the round Rock GPAA spring outing on the Llano River. We have always got a few specks by just punching a few holes here and there but this year I learned to 'read' the river. Used google earths history and saw the river when it was flooded, and the gravel bars that formed in the following years. It pays to do the research. Heres the gold on the scale. For Texas, this is like the motherload
11 18119
by  James LanghamJump to last post
01 Apr 2020 10:49 PM
1 Replies and 3215 Views Best Alaska vacation trip  3215  1 Started by Hi, We are looking into a summer trip to Alaska that would include some sightseeing, possibly fishing and of course prospecting. Lots of information on the internet and prices vary from attractive to expensive. This would be a short trip of about a week starting in Anchorage but would like chance of some chunky gold for the prospecting portion of the trip. I have looked at Alaska Gold and Resort and Alaska Gold Prospecting but would love to hear other suggestions and experience. Thanks. -S...
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by  thomas fishJump to last post
01 Jan 2020 05:48 PM
5 Replies and 3530 Views New Claim Pics  3530  5 Started by Met with a landowner today and was granted access to over a 1/4 mile of bedrock exposed creek. Took a few test pans and didnt find any black sands. Pretty dry but has deep pools everywhere. Lots of super mineralized rock and quartz/round gravel bars everywhere, really looking forward to taking my pick and shovel(the tools, not the magazine and paper lol) back with me and seeing what i can find. Looks super promising tho. Thoughts
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by  David HayJump to last post
27 Dec 2019 01:50 AM
3 Replies and 4082 Views Two Pieces of Flour Gold -- Keep Looking?  4082  3 Started by For fun, and to do a bit of testing/fine-tuning, I ran some material on a relative’s ranch in southern Utah. It was fairly compact cobble, and I ran about 10 buckets, of which there was probably 2 buckets of dirt. I wasn’t anticipating anything other than maybe iron and lead to help me gauge if I things were working. Instead, I was surprised by two iddy-biddy pieces of flour gold. I researched as much as I could, and I can’t find any indication that there is known/prospect...
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by  CHRISTOPHER SATKOWSKIJump to last post
09 Sep 2019 06:13 PM
3 Replies and 20178 Views In Search of... Samurai Gold  20178  3 Started by Hi All, I will be in Japan for visiting family, and thought I might drag along a small test pan and some other small tools to try and find some Samurai Gold.  Anyone ever gone there and prospected/panned at all Interested in any tips someone can provide - am doing some basic websearch, too, but thought I would see what our members have experienced. To the extent I go and do anything there in this regard, I will post with pictures (if I can figure out how to add pics to a post) when I re...
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by  CHRISTOPHER SATKOWSKIJump to last post
04 Mar 2019 02:47 PM
0 Replies and 2624 Views Winter Prospecting on the Feather  2624  0 Started by Watch as Jeff does some winter Prospecting for Gold trying to get the jump on Gary ( Two toes ) on there yearly Gold contest !!! I only had a short window between storms so I took a short drive to the River in search of Gold.
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24 Jan 2019 01:40 PM
2 Replies and 3674 Views Crevicing for Gold  3674  2 Started by Watch as Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) head to the Hills in search of Gold !!! On this adventure  they will be Crevicing the Bedrock cracks in search of Hidden Gold !! Thanks for watching, Jeff
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by  JEFF SMITHJump to last post
24 Jan 2019 01:39 PM
4 Replies and 11227 Views Garbage on claims  11227  4 Started by Hello all, I was recently near one of our claims in Arizona and was a little taken back by the amount of trash that was around. I don't believe it was any of our members trash. I could have filled a garbage truck if I had one. It was sad to see that amount in a wilderness area. What surprised me the most wasn't just one area.  Anyone else encounter large amounts of garbage.  
4 11227
by  james pavliJump to last post
05 Dec 2018 04:12 PM
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