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tried out Buchana claim in Georgia
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Jeff Wade

09 Nov 2023 07:58 AM
    My neighbor and I went to the Buchanon Claim in Georgia (we are from Missouri). He made his own highbanker and we wanted to test it. First day and a half was sorting out the kinks. Our electric pump died, we went and bought a gas one, 1" hose. definitely need to go to a larger pump for water flow. He had a really big screen in it, he is going to put a smaller screen and dream mat in it.

    Met Toni there in Georgia, he is with the local GPAA group, very knowledgeable and nice person! Easy access areas were heavily worked of course, found couple of flour gold in those areas after a few hours, thats about it. Moved to some less easy to get to spots and one spot we got over 30 specs/flour after running the high banker for just over an hour. We didnt dredge at all, we dont have one but do plan on making one after we get a bigger pump. The claim has a nice spacious campground with grills, fire pits, porta johns, pavilion. Would i go back there being from Missouri? Most Definately. I want to work the spot we found all the flour at, go deeper and no doubt find bigger.

    After there for 4 days we went to the Alabama Gold Camp (recommended by Toni), The GPAA claim is right next to it too. The AGC is a VERY nice place. You do have to pay $5 to pan there, to use our high bank i think was $20, they have high bankers set up you can rent, i think they are $25 for 2 hours, $45 for four hours, they are small high bankers. What i like about the AGC, they bring piles of dirt by the creek so you dont have to dig holes. Because of the big screen on our highbanker, we dry classified the dirt before high banking it. We did that for about an hour and a half. We got over 30 pieces, some small flakes and flour, but the flour was bigger than the flower in Georgia. Will be going back there. They have RV hookups ($25 for 30amp) can tent camp pretty much anyplace. The General Store sells mining equipment, i think its priced pretty good too. I like that they bring in the dirt to make it easier, and they mow the grass and keep it nice. Also all the old mining equipment all over the place is a nice touch too. There was a person there using a trommel too. He of course found alot more than we did, he had been doing it all day, where as we only high banked for about an hour and a half
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