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 Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A few "Tailings" from around the LDMA

Dig in on what's going on around the LDMA

by GPAA Admin

A few "Tailings" from around the LDMA
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by Dominic Ricci


Tailings are just a waste dump! By¬products left over as we run material to extract the minerals we are in search of. Usually rock particles, ranging from large rocks to sand-sized to silt-sized. 

Do you check your tailings? I’ve seen members at LDMA Vein Mountain run a highbanker for a few hours and leave chunks of topaz on the ground as they were only looking in the mats for their rewards. You can test pan at the end of your sluice to make sure you aren’t los¬ing any gold, but what fell off the back? 
No different than dry washing in the desert and running at the wrong angle. I come along and ask if I can run your tail¬ings. You laugh and say, “Sure! Nothin’ in ’ em!” I bucket up the easy classified material and run it in my recirc (recircu¬lator) and always find some fines and a picker or two. 
There are hidden treasures in Tailings From Around The LDMA, so let me ex¬tract some for you ... 


Reserve your site in advance! LDMA has expanded the “Reservation System” where you can currently make advance reservations at LDMA Stanton Camp, LDMA Blue Bucket, LDMA Loud Mine and LDMA Vein Mountain. 
It’s really simple to do too. Call the camp, let them know your arrival date and how long you are staying, along with what kind of site you are looking for (50 AMP, 30 AMP — depending on availability) and they will process your reservation. You are required to make a deposit, which is used toward your stay when you arrive. Just like making a hotel reservation. 
There is a set $5 fee added for the convenience of making a reservation and knowing you have a site secured. You will receive an email confirming your reservation. 
Reservations are not required but en¬couraged. You may drive in and see a site that looks available, but it may be previ¬ously reserved starting in a day or two. You can enjoy that spot till the day the reservation party arrives but would need to move to an unreserved site prior to the arrival. 
Have peace of mind that you will have a hook-up site when staying at camp. Other than reserved sites, it’s first come, first choose your spot. 

New Camp Hosts

When LDMA Athens Camp reopens in April you will be “welcomed” by new Camp Hosts Thomas and Suzie Morey. They are very excited and plan to host many camp events. Education and fun is always at the top of their list. You can reach them by email at Athens@gold¬ 
Moving from “Bar” to “Bar,” Rick Matlock and Dee Phoenix will be leav¬ing Scott Bar (River) Camp to return to Italian Bar Camp as current camp hosts, Tom and Brenda, are retiring. We want to thank Tom and Brenda for all their hard work and dedication to LDMA. 
Who is going to take over Scott River Camp? That would be longtime LDMA members Lynn and Linda Nash. They ar¬rived at the beginning of March and are preparing for the National “Dirt Party” Outing coming this May. 
After a cold and snow-packed win¬ter, it’s time to get “bubbly” at LDMA Blue Bucket camp. When the gate opens on April 1 you will be met by Karen “Bubbles” and Reed Lukens. You will understand why Karen has the nickname “Bubbles” very quickly. Reed is a wealth of knowledge on mining and geology, so take advantage so you can find some of that Bucket gold. 
As Stanton Camp starts to wind down and the temperatures surge up, you can meet John and Nanette Mathis. They have taken on the lode of camp hosts at LDMA Stanton. As they adjust to their new role, they are helping plan one heck of a Dirt Party that starts April 4 and ends April 8 along with a Swing Dancing Par¬ty on April 7 for all to have fun. 
LDMA is always looking for Camp Hosts (caretakers), as well as seasonal caretakers. If interested, please contact the LDMA administration (800-551- 9707) to inquire, or email LDMAinfo@ 

LDMA Camps Open for Members

As winter comes to an end, it still may be a bit cold and a little wet, but make your plans to get to camp. Many take ad¬vantage of the up to six months stay at a camp before moving to the next camp, but there is plenty of room for all to stay for a month, a week or even a few days. 
LDMA Stanton Camp: Open Year Round 
LDMA Duisenburg: Open Year Round 
LDMA Italian Bar: Open Year Round* 
LDMA Scott River: Open Year Round* 
LDMA Loud Mine: Open Year Round 
LDMA Athens Camp: Opens April 1* 
LDMA Blue Bucket: Opens April 1 
LDMA Burnt River: Open Year Round* 
LDMA Vein Mtn.: Opened March 1* 
LDMA Oconee: Opened March 1* 

Why Head to Camp?

Anyone you ask has a different reason for heading to camp. Some like to dis¬connect from technology and reconnect with nature. Some families go camping to revitalize their relationships, away from all the distractions at home. Some like the sense of “peace” that overcomes themselves when they arrive at camp. Oh, then there’s the prospecting for gold and treasures! 

What's Happening at Camp?

Stay connected year-round with all the happenings via social media. If you go to the main Lost Dutchman’s Mining Asso¬ciation Facebook page (www.facebook. com/LDMACAMPS/), you can click on any of the LDMA Camps or properties to see what is and has happened. 
Each of the LDMA Camp Group pag¬es list events, activities and what is hap¬pening. Share pictures and experiences. See what you missed and what to plan for. 
Outings, bingo, potlucks, spaghetti feeds, pancake breakfasts, work projects and of course gold. So many things happen at camp. Contact the Camp Office for up-to-date happenings and plan your stay. 
Open letter from the fire pit at Scott River Camp 
Here I am at Scott River Camp all alone 
I don’t understand why 
Did I do something wrong? 
Was I not warm enough? 
Did I not provide enough light? 
Did I not have enough places to sit? 
Or did I not listen well enough to the TALL TALES being told around me. 
I miss the early morning gatherings with coffee and such being drank while you are trying to wake up and chase the chill away before you go about your day 
I miss the evening gatherings with the bragging about the gold you found that day 
I miss the embellishments of Gold found on another day
I miss hearing about the adventures that have been had in your younger days 
I miss the stories of your kids and family 
I miss seeing the smiles on your faces when you show the treasures you have found 
I miss the hugs and smiles you have for each other as members of LDMA 
I miss the music and singing at the end of the day 
So why do you stay away? 
I promise that I will try and be warmer 
I will try and be more inviting 
I will try and be a gathering spot for friends and fam¬ily at the end of the day 
But I need your help 
I need you to be here, so I can try and be better 

Scott River Camp Fire Pit 

3-Day Pass
If a Non-LDMA member would like an opportunity to experience one LDMA Camp please contact Mem¬bership Services to schedule a 3-Day Pass. 
There are some restrictions, and time slots do fill up fast so call 800-551-9707 and plan your adventure. 
LDMA members, if you have family or a friend that you would like for them to experience a LDMA camp, please call the LDMA main office at 800-551-9707 and we will get a 3-Day pass out to them. 
As always, thank you to all our members who “Ride For The Brand.” 
I hope to see you around the campfire or playing In The Dirt soon. 

Dominic Ricci is the Executive Director of Operations for GPAA/LDMA and can be reached at 800-551-9707, ext. 163, or by email:

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