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GPAA Publications – An Interactive Online Experience

by GPAA Staff

GPAA Publications – An Interactive Online Experience
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GPAA Publications – An Interactive Online Experience


Gold Prospectors magazine and the Pick & Shovel Gazette have been accessible online for a couple years, but just recently has viewing these publications on the web been an interactive experience. We’ve implemented a new e-viewer with enhanced capabilities, giving you more control over the way the content is displayed. When you first access the new viewer, you’ll be given an opportunity to take a tour of the many features available.













We’ll be going over some of those features here.


Page View













Page View is how the publication is displayed when first entering the viewer. This is laid out how you would view the printed hard copy of the publication. By using the arrows on the right and left side of the screen, you can slide through the pages as if you were flipping through the publication.


Click on any article title to expand the article in a text format for easy reading. This is especially helpful when viewing on a mobile device.













All web URLs are hyperlinks which will redirect you to that specific webpage. Also, by clicking on any email address, your email client will be launched to compose a new message. This will work on both advertisements and articles.


Contents View


By choosing Contents View in the menu, all featured articles and non-advertisement department articles will be listed. By clicking on the article of your choosing, it will pull up the enhanced text version.













You’re also able to drill down the contents view to only display either featured articles or non-advertisement department articles.




Looking for the best deal around from some of your favorite gold mining manufacturers and dealers? Drill down under Advertisers and you’ll see a list of all current GPAA partners. Click on any one you choose and you’ll see their ad as displayed in the publication.













Then take it one step further and follow their URL to see more on their website.


Gain Instant Access


Are you ready to experience the new and improved GPAA online publications? Click here to get started, and enjoy your journey.


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