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WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Southern California, need camping / prospecting recommendations!

HI Chad

Most of our claims in the National Forest have 4x4 or better roads going very close if not on the claims. Most areas also allow dispersed...

1 week ago

WALTER EASON added review for HERCULES

WALTER EASON posted a new prospecting report: this claim is closed

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: GOLD FLTAZ 1 & 2

    There is some information from members on the online mining guide under properties. This may be of help.

    3 weeks ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Country Boy Mine

    GPAA has listed many locations in the online mining guide just as we have always listed places other than claim in the guide. This was started previou...

    1 month ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Plus one?

    yes see guest guidelines in Mining Guide.

    1 month ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Black Hills National Forest Wyoming

    Best to contact a chapter, they are usually up to date. Some Forest Service offices and Bureau of Land Management offices will consider any question y...

    2 months ago

    WALTER EASONcreated the topic: U.S.A. Sees Need For Increased Mining Activity

    Comments needed to give increased signifigance to mineral extraction in United States of America

    2 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Cross Hill, Nuevo Almandine & Schorl Quarry

    This is not a claim it is a place of interest where people in the past have found certain minerals. You can get more information through google.

    2 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Gold prospecting very goverment

    The Bureau of Land Management has canceled its withdrawal application and the Department of the ...

    2 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Panning

    Take a look at the triple D & M in Ventura county pg CL99 but plan to wade in water or the claim in Lyle Creek claim. 

    3 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: La Paz county

    HI Paul

    I put in points that many times are taken out due to page size or allowances for printing. Most of the maps in the Pick and Shovel have m...

    4 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: ADK Claim 40 or 160 acres

    ADK is a 40 acre claim

    4 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Newbies checking out San Luis Obispo! Guidance? Words of Wisdom?

    Always best to meet up with other chapter members, there is a learning curve and the importance of in person working can not be underestimated. Also i...

    4 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: New member

    do not forget that the guide is from 2014 and the Pick and Shovels that update it are online under the learn tab. The information on new and claims th...

    5 months ago

    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: observations

    Hi Kenny  This does have a learning curve to it. As far as persons bothering you I have never had a problem although I never get to far away from...

    5 months ago

    WALTER EASONcreated the topic: LR2000



    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Looking for Tucson area dishwashing spot

    Call the Tucson Chapter, contact information in your Pick and Shovel and Magazine or online at . They will be very helpfull an...


    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Knudsen bowl concentrator?

     you may need to cut and paste or search the name of video on y tube.
    MM35 knelson concentrator:


    WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Twentynine Palms, CA area

    Check with Hemet Valley GPAA chapter I know they have claims out there and they frequent the area. Call Ken Maltby see Pick & Shovel or Magazine under...


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        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Greenhorn with question about Western Kansas

        Hi Marc: here is a link to a map of those parts with gold mapped. I think this was found in the library of Congress. You can get a higher resolution b...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Bautista Canyon Claims, Hemet, CA

        Claim has gold, have seen and heard of gold found, not plentiful but it is there mostly very fine but some flake. I have also found gold there in year...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: how much power or equipment can you use digging

        anything that is considered earth-moving equipment is considered to be beyond casual in the mining law as amended. This is interpreted usually as anyt...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Coordinate Converter Apps

        find mapping program that will support metes and bounds,set for linear units on map and display, check coordinate units for meters or feet, check to s...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: ---------}》> GPAA CLAIMS DIRECTORY <《{----------

        Yes go ahead and send it to me along with any suggestions and if it is outside of my category i will send it to the person that should have it. weason...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Legal Foot Valve 5/64 or 3/32...How?

        Go looking for some pieces of perforated metal sheets, holes of .0938" or smaller. make your square for the outside first, cut corners enough to make ...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Mining Guide ?

        Last Mining Guide was printed in 2014, I have been told we will continue to publish paper mining guides but the enhancement to the paper mining guide ...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: First outing! Arizona!

        Hey guys here is something to discuss I think. On a piece of land with nuggets that has not been metal detected does the "Brazil Nut Effect" come into...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: How to get information LDMA Property

        Hi Kevin

        When you sign up for an event from the office they will give you the information you need. Also you can call the office to find out more i...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: must haves vs helpful

        something I have been thinking about, I like to go out alone (way out) where not to ever expect anyone. I have been looking into Personal Locator Beac...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: HOMACK #1-3 Idaho Springs CO Claim

        Follow down the road, the area through the gate was reclaimed from ranch that was leased out, The whole area had been a Girl Scout camp that dated to ...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Review of Certain National Monuments from 1996

        THERE IS STILL TIME TO GET YOUR VOICE HEARD. Here is what is being said about the Bears Monument : Most significantly, Zinke proposes shrinking the bo...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: California mining claim access

        My experience is that once the agency closes an area off they do not want any traffic in there, exception is a bond on a plan. Opening up a big can of...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Dry Washer

        I have a DW2 with electric motor with hand crank and a larger one about like a 151 blower with heater. I like the bigger one as it is not that much mo...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Magnets and black sand

        Hard drive magnets are usually very strong as magnets go. Hard drive Neodymium magnets are over N38 and usually are N52 strength.


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Husker #1 / Notice of Intent

        Thank You Arthur, I just responded on the other post on the forum. To restate all GPAA claims for regular use are for casual use, no earth moving equi...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Husker #1 / Notice of Intent

        GPAA does not allow earth moving equipment on our claims. Earth moving equipment require a POO typically and we are not set up to go there. All claims...



        Long-Term Camping Opportunities Available in the Eastern Sierra
        BISHOP, Calif. - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has approved a long-term camping...


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Review of Certain National Monuments from 1996

        True all but one we have until mid July to comment.


        WALTER EASONcreated the topic: Review of Certain National Monuments from 1996

        Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996; Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment


        WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: simple questions

        The active claim are listed in the online mining guide, if or when we receive notice from owner that a claim is to be removed we remove it from the on...


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            WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: pan or more

            Hi Benjamin All southern claims are open and paid through 2017, no actions have been listed and no actions have been taken. Do not know who you are ta...


            WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Staking a claim on a Closed claim

            A locator can file on 20 acres per locator up to 160 acres. 320 would be two claim with 8 locators on each.


            WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Land rights?

            Here is a location which explains about split estates with regards to mineral rights reserved by Federal Government, this is more wide spread than one...


            WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Directions

            These claims are only open from June 1st till September 1st, may require wet or dry permit from state, see online Mining Guide for added information.


            WALTER EASONreplied to: RE: Did not find the claim

            Pat the south end of the claim the road makes a 90º left. If you turn around and go about 900' back to north you will be on the claim. If you tra...