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Keith Perronreplied to: RE: What happened to the Alaska Expedition?!?!?!?

At the Burnt River outing, Dom said that Brandon asked Tom for dates this past summer but Tom never got back to him. Dom was hoping that next year Bra...

3 months ago

Keith Perronreplied to: RE: LDMA Blue Bucket 2017 National Outing

I think they have showers on site, I think. They do not have a dump, you would need to go to baker city to dump or over to the Burnt River they have a...

5 months ago

Keith Perronreplied to: RE: LDMA Blue Bucket 2017 National Outing

It will be real crazy 10, 000 scientist and 40, 000 crazy people with tin foil on their heads, good time. If you stay on LDMA property then you do not...


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Repeal Of BLM Planning 2.0 Rule - March 27, 2017 !

Way to go Liz Cheney


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: 2017 outings

As an organization we should not support nor use Facebook. They send millions of dollars to environmental groups that directly impact the mining indus...


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: The Gold Webb

I have a gold hog Multi sluice seems to do a good job of recovering the fine gold. I just did my final winter clean up and found all kinds of 200 plus...


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: LDMA membership

Thomas some the claims belong to the club, I missed the meeting this month due to weather but last month the were looking for someone to help with wor...


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Alluvial Fan tips...?

If you have a metal detector look for high concentrations of black/magnetic sands. That would also be a good area to start looking.


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Cracking the big ones, and just blowing crap up!

Top you should get a patent before keene or someone else steals your idea and makes your million.


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Where's the GPAA leadership???

Adam on your other topic monte walsh is a great movie, read the book ten, times better than the movie. Or do Like I do listen to a book on tape, when ...


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Where's the GPAA leadership???

Adam you may want to check out the facebook site for GPAA and LDMA and for each of the camps, The facebook site seems to have more traffic and informa...


Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Here comes the NEW EPA!

Representative McMorris Rogers, is from the 5th district, here in Spokane, she is my current congresswomen. She is going to be a great choice for inte...


Keith Perron commented on

Maybe we should stop going after the courts, perhaps we should be paying lobbyist and scientist to do our work at the capital, lets spin it our way for the politicians, stop dealing with a judge, but lobby and payoff the politicians, this may be a be...


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    Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Blue Bucket Claim, Oregon

    Looks like it is about to re-open, Facebook posts state early this summer, today at two there is suppose to be a big announcement about Blue Bucket on...


    Keith Perronreplied to: RE: Burnt River timing

    Thanks Nancy, I sent a message to the care takers, I will have my wife try the facebook thing, I try to avoid facebook twitter and the like, snow is a...


    Keith Perroncreated the topic: Burnt River timing

    My name is Keith , My wife and I joined the LDMA a few months back and we are signed up for the spring outing. We live in Spokane and would like to g...


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      Keith Perronreplied to: RE: 2016 GPAA-LDMA Gold Mining Outings 7-Day

      Just signed up for my first outing, going to be at Burnt River in the spring, the wife and I are so excited to begin camping with a purpose. Yippee