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james pavlicreated the topic: arizona heat and rains?

   Hey anybody out prospecting this time of year in Arizona or are you guys waiting for the weather to break. I figured most are not going o...

3 weeks ago

james pavlicreated the topic: club claims and or your own?

   I was just wondering how many of the members here go strictly club claims or have their own in addition. I would think if you have your o...

3 weeks ago

james pavlireplied to: RE: vehicle recommended for prospecting

Well i'll be out in Arizona the week after thanksgiving again this year and I'm renting a pickup truck this time. Jeeps are crazy bucks to rent for a ...

3 weeks ago

james pavlireplied to: RE: opinions of access to claims

I did the vehicle searchs of different jeeps, trucks, suvs you name it I got prices and the whole bit. Alot of the claims at least in Arizona are 2x4...

3 months ago

james pavlireplied to: RE: Lode Mining

I see that the lode mining here is not really a busy thread. I would have to assume that the majority of the miners here are placer miners. I understa...

3 months ago

james pavlicreated the topic: opinions of access to claims

  Hello to all,  I'm trying to get a read on some of the suggested routes and requirements that it  takes to get to the claims. In Ariz...

3 months ago

james pavlicreated the topic: vehicle recommended for prospecting

 Hello all, I guess this is the best place to ask this question. I am going back to prospect some of the areas I have been researching by map. I ...

4 months ago

james pavlireplied to: RE: Lode Mining

I would think that a person that had a lode mine would be pretty busy working the mine. I know I would spend a lion's share of my time working the min...


james pavlireplied to: RE: Drones?

Hello all, I have a smaller drone that I received for Christmas and have been working to incorporate it my prospecting tool bag. One thing I can tell...


james pavli commented on

I wonder if old fly ash can be used in these studies


james pavlireplied to: RE: Rye Patch, NV Mining Claim Higrading

Hello all, I'm pretty new to gold prospecting and have inquired about the right way of addressing the issue of what I just call trespassing. I researc...


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    james pavlicreated the topic: New member Howdy

      Hello everyone,  I thought I would just make my first post a hello from a new member. I hope to gain invaluable knowledge from the...