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lots of trash, no gold for me.

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Samuel Moorefield
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I spent about 2 hours there and only found nails, bullets, cans and scraps of steel. No Gold.


Nice Flakes and a few fines 1 Bucket Review

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Nice easy access. Got a nice flake in first pan of a small shovel full. Gold seems to be in all layers, but I like deep. Got some mini Rice sizes there. Made a video about it on Youtube for the 1 bucket, but got better as I did run some more material after that. Hit and miss for most miners I talked to. Thank you for the opportunity GPAA. Find my video on Youtube about the Flat Foot by Planet Prospector. CYA Called Flats Foots, a because of other confusion.


Flat Foot

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January 2016 I pulled out a 22 grain piece of gold in the dry wash with a Garrett ATX. Coordinates: 33° 38' 47.30"N 114° 18' 17.78"W.

We also did very well dry washing in several dry washes throughout the claim getting fine and flakes.