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J. Bella
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I worked this claim several days this year with good results. The gold is relatively pure about 23k, really pretty. Mostly flakes and fines, I have seen some nice pickers in a cleanup pan after 2-3 hours of dredging. Lots of black sands with tiny specs of gold mixed in, pyrite and hematite are present. Most of the upper claim has been worked hard, lots of people were dredging it this year and there are tailings along the entire length of stream. Some areas where exposed bedrock is present we found nice flakes in material scraped out of crevices, likely flood gold moved around during Spring snowmelt runoff and monsoon rain events. On average we'd find about 15-25 nice flakes in about 2 buckets' worth of gravels classified to 1/4" from the good spots under larger moveable rocks in the stream. Most of the gold we found is within a gray silty layer about a foot down. I would not anticipate retrieving any profitable amounts of gold because the claim has been heavily worked over the years, however finding a nice nugget that has been overlooked may be possible. The experience of this area is the real prize! It's remote, clean and has a wilderness feel all across the area, even close to the campground and the lake it's easy to hike a short distance and be away from the hustle and bustle of the developed areas. The lake is a popular fishing spot ~ it's stocked and many locals fish to keep their freezers full. The campground is a manicured pay-to-camp site, but there are hundreds of thousands of acres of Public Lands to camp on along the Forest Service roads.

The middle claim is an open flood plain that was mined with hydraulicking techniques and the stream was dredged and worked hard during the early 1900s, you can see where they stopped finding gold in tributaries where the erosion caused by the pressurized water ends. We haven't found any gold in this area, not even specs.

The lower claim is very rugged terrain, mountaineering experience is necessary to access this area.


Good Gold, Gorgeous area.

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Spent three days here. Found most of my gold on the lower/upper part of the claim. Small flakes and flour. Lower end in the field, I did not find any color. Did not make it to the third part of the claim, at lower end.


Period area is open general permit may be required

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These claims are only open from June 1st till September 1st each year.
New Mexico also uses a general mining permit, check you may be exempt at: The permits are one for wet conditions and one for dry conditions.