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Crater of Diamonds State Park

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Crater of Diamonds

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Paul Bordlemay
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The first time I went was about 2 years ago. They have all the equipment you need there for rent. Which I did but the problem was I had no idea of what to do. Which is very unusual for me because I usually research something to the extreme before I attempt it. And as you would expect I didn't find any diamonds. The staff will answer any questions and put on demonstrations to show you what to do, what to look for and will show you samples of what the diamond look like. I suggest watch some of the numerous videos on you tube which were quite helpful.
The 3 main steps that you need to remember is
1. After wet sifting everything is wet and everything will look like a diamond.
2. After wet sifting/classifying and washing you gravel, use a saruca screen to narrow down the amount of gravel you will need to look though. Then take the gravel home and search for your diamond after the gravel drys. You are allowed to take home a 5 gal bucket of washed gravel per person each day. There will be quartz that will fake you out and you will think it may be a diamond but your not quite sure. When you find a diamond you will be sure its a diamond. It is smooth and shiny. Wet looking and be careful when you pick it up. It is very slick.
Well after doing the homework I should have done before the first trip, I made another trip the second week of October. I took my classifiers, saruca and wagon with 6 buckets so I didn't need to keep running back and forth to get more dirt. I took my gravel home and after several days of sorting though the gravel I found a diamond. It was small. Very small. It weighed 7 points and had a lot of inclusions. Definitely not gem quality, but it was a diamond. So on Nov 15th I went back to get it registered. I then spent a couple days getting more gravel to take home. Last week as I was looking though the gravel to my surprise I found another one. This one is bigger, 21 points, and is very clear. I would highly recommend it.


Crater of Diamonds State Park!

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James Hicks
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My family and I have enjoyed going here at least 2 times a year, finding diamonds is not a easy as I hoped. There's a learning curve, our first time out we were totally unprepared! but it was a spur of the moment trip that turned into our first but certainly not last! we had a great time they have a beautiful and and very informative exhibit there, as well as more than just diamonds there are multiple typed of minerals and rocks. i would suggest anyone who hasn't been there or just wants to check it out, GO! It is always a fun way to pass the day, a few tips they use a tractor to turn over the top layers of material and when it rains new stuff works it way to the top catching this crater at these times will increase odds. Also finding diamonds takes multiple methods at once starting with learning as much as possible about Kimberlite also you will want to carry your own buckets and classifiers from 1/2 in to around a number 20 a bunch of smaller diamond are found this way. they provide wash tanks that has covered awning so you can classify in the shade and out of the rain if so happens to hit. I found my first diamond our fouth trip out for my birthday it was cold,wet soggy and hard to see anything sparkling without the sun so we found a random spot for each of us to gather a bucket full of material and I started washing and using the classifiers, my third 1/8 inch classifier I gave a good shake and did the flip and smack upside down and there it was a small diamond white in color, oily slick feeling in my fingers a texture I will never forget, not the greatest clarity or big enough to cut, But MY FIRST and sure not to be my last diamond. But aside from all that was it was always just a blast for my Family and I to go every chance we get, we will continue to go as much as possible. I do wish there was more gold and treasure hunters here in Arkansas it would sure bring to light all the different minerals and wonderful sights and treasure stories Arkansas has to offer.