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No gold yet but a nice substitute!

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Samuel Gallegos
Step 1 of 1

Going through concentrates still but have found a few beautiful Arizona Rubys (Garnet) but no gold yet. Only had a few hours this weekend and spent the majority of my time getting familiar with the claim. Will post some pictures after complete cleanout and going back soon for a more in depth sample trip.


No gold for me!

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Peter vanderHeiden
Step 1 of 1

Detected this area with TDI and Lobo, found many washes and trails leading in all directions, glad I flew flag on my bronco or I might still be wandering about. Not much trash. My best find was a .52 Cal Sharps bullet.


My first try on a GPAA claim

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Joe Coyle
Step 1 of 3

Much fine gold and flakes trapped in the rocks. I cracked open one rock that had a chunky little picker in it and a few flakes much fine. I cracked about a dozen after that and while the first one had the best signal every rock had fines in it. I was just cracking rocks with signals. I tried every type of rock That had any signal just to see. Red rocks, concrete stuff, caliche, porous rocks, quartz and others. I still have a dozen or so left to crack up. But all I have is my sledge hammer and a shirt so not even crushing very fine about 1/4” to 1/8” I kept the tailings for a later date when I might have a better crushing method.


Unlimited Detecting opportunities

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Step 1 of 2

Unfortunately We were only able to spend a short time on the claims today before the heat became unbearable.
I had recently talked to a Drywasher that prospected the area that is not a Detectoriset, his remark was that it is all flat. with little runoff channels cut into the alluvial sluff.
He is partially correct. There is a lot of sluff areas where water has found it's way through the alluvial deposits.
BUT this area is a in place erosion placer with hundreds of opportunities for detecting.
Angular rocks on the surface are a great starting place anywhere out here and by following these deposits you may hit a nice Eluvial.