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Kamsie group

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Easy access but low water. Sluiced in creek one day and found only flour gold.


Some small course gold and a lot of fines

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Took advantage of the high water and dug behind some boulders that would normally be on dry ground in the flood plain about 200 yards downstream from the bridge. Panning showed a few colors so I dug a few buckets to r uh n through the recirculating sluice at home. Got a few pieces of small course gold and a lot of fines. I suggest running your concentrates through a Miller table or spiral bowl if you want to get it all. I plan to get back when the water lowers to hand sluice a few promising spots.


USFS Regulations Kamsie Kamsie 2 Bessie Hemry

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These claims are located on Ten Mile Creek in the Rimini drainage. Rimini road is 6 1/2 miles West of Helena, MT. on Highway 12. Take Rimini road South 4 1/2 miles to the 4th bridge that crosses Ten mile creek. The 4th bridge is in the middle of the Kamsie 2 claim. from this point you can go upstream 3/8 of a mile or downstream 1/4 mile.

Ten Mile Creek is a water shed for Helena and regulated by the Department of Natural Resources. Following their guidelines, you can pan or use a sluice box. you must dig in the water only, you may not dig on the dry bank and bring dirt into the water. also you are not permitted to suck from of discharge to the stream. After Aug.15th you may apply for a permit to use a suction dredge.



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This claim falls under the guidelines of a few different agencies Prospecting is only allowed IN THE WATER. you can not dig on the stream bank or any dry ground. In the water Only


Prospector Dean's intel on the new MT claims

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Dean Olson
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See prospecting tab for Kamsie claim