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In the shade out of the heat

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Jeffrey Sosine
Step 1 of 1

Found a nice ledge with plenty of lead and some gold.


Lost Dredge Flood

4 0
Wayne Hubbard
Step 1 of 1

A lot of fresh gravel banks all the way over the top of North-South Bridge. Looks a 500-yr flood went through here. Only found one micro-flake though. (Picture shows existing PAVED road into site)


Lost Dredge update

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Snow and ice are gone as of 4-20-17
Road into the claim is impassible.
Major water damage to road and two LARGE trees across road 50yds off NorthSouth rd
Lots of water



2017 Rpt

12 0
Wayne Torres
Step 1 of 1

Currently there is snow on the main road and downed trees. Further in on North South Road, some trees have been chainsawed to attempt passage by others. 4x4 Required at this time. Be aware that some roads off of North South Road are washed away. We parked and had to hike in abt. 1/2 mile in snow/ice. Be prepared for hiking and be very careful of asphalt that is no longer there.

When the main road is accessible, the road to the claim will not be fixed for awhile (estimated). Extensive storm damage. Again, be prepared to hike in with your equipment.

Additional - the bridges to the claim are not closed. There was some storm damage to the closest bridge, but it was to the side railings and had caution info around them. You can still get to the claim, we did.