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Nice claim steep hike

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David Zyla
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Good claim flakes fines even a picker if you put in the work. Good luck!!!


Nice Claim.

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Ronald Ramos
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Good first visit to a GPAA claim. My son and I creviced a few locations. We found flakes and fine gold. We were pleased. Water was clear and swift. Trail was a bit steep.


Flood gold in crevices.

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Roger Sleight
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Water was clear but still high and fast. Too much for any sniping. Small flood gold in crevices.


Corner GPS coordinates

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Roger Sleight
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In response to John's inquiry I have: NE Corner 39°1'25.998"N, 120°43'10.101"W and SW Corner 39°1'12.677"N, 120°43'27.280"W. This claim is on page CL-55 of the latest mining guide. Hope that helps.


30 acres is alot of land

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Not so much as a report but want to get lat and long for the corners of the claim so I and everyone knows where they can look, detect, pan, sluice or whatever you want to try.