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Easy Access to Nice River Claim

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First visit to Nancy’s Gold, in late October 2018. We pan/sampled on the East side from the bridge down to the camping area in the morning, and sluiced on the opposite side of the river in the afternoon. Worked bedrock, crevices, bank areas (east side), and under boulders in flood zone. Good black sand in the concentrate, but ended up with fines and only a few small flakes (less than 0.1 gm total—see photo in finishing pan). Not sure why we didn’t do better, but the claim appeared to be heavily worked. It’s a beautiful location and easy to get to, so we may be back next spring. One additional note-someone is mining up under the bridge and leaving unsightly equipment on the river.


Nice claim steep hike

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David Zyla
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Good claim flakes fines even a picker if you put in the work. Good luck!!!


Nice Claim.

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Ronald Ramos
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Good first visit to a GPAA claim. My son and I creviced a few locations. We found flakes and fine gold. We were pleased. Water was clear and swift. Trail was a bit steep.


Flood gold in crevices.

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Roger Sleight
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Water was clear but still high and fast. Too much for any sniping. Small flood gold in crevices.


Corner GPS coordinates

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Roger Sleight
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In response to John's inquiry I have: NE Corner 39°1'25.998"N, 120°43'10.101"W and SW Corner 39°1'12.677"N, 120°43'27.280"W. This claim is on page CL-55 of the latest mining guide. Hope that helps.