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unsuccessful also!

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extremely hard to find and gain access to claim! Needs to be opened up more for member access! I busted my way into claim and was able to find a few colors, but was definitely not worth the effort. Wish I had taken photos but was very discouraged by inaccessibility. I have several very productive claims on Little Grizzley and Cascade and will not try this one again!


Maybe I'm just new but...

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Tyson Rael
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I had a fairly difficult time finding this claim. I never did find a marker for the NW corner and I used the GPAA Claim book, forest service map, and my GPS unit; However, the area the corner marker was supposed to be in was also burned, possibly an under burn project. I tried hiking down from there, but it was very steep and didn't make it down to Taylor Creek. I ended up driving toward the SW corner of the claim and was able to find one spot that wasn't overgrown too much to get to the creek. I worked down there for about three hours, but came up empty handed. Now, I will admit this is my first time going to a GPAA claim (been a member 3 years but haven't had time to explore) and also my first time using my new Garretts AT Gold metal detector. I dug two buckets full of material, classified, sluiced, and panned it out, but didn't have any luck. I would love to meet up with some other members to make sure I'm doing all of this correctly. Still a fun day in the forest.