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Very easy to find. — 2x4

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Exit the I5 freeway onto "Hungry Valley Road". Drive 5 miles. The road will fork. Take the left fork labeled "Gold Hill Road". Drive approximately 6 miles and you will arrive.
It is a very easy drive. A mix of well maintained dirt/gravel road and old blacktop filled with potholes. 2WD is fine. You could even get a honda civic up there if you really needed to..


Closed for fire damage NO! — 2x4

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Rich Dowaliby
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I was just there before the gate was closed the claim is fine the road is fine. The gate is closed because of the snow! I was told it will be reopened in May.
For more information contact Forest service in Frazier Park.

This will be my first claim I set foot on in May.
35 minutes from my house basically my backyard also.


One Day Off — 2x4

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Rich Dowaliby
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The snow gate is open! This claim is ready for the workin’. Heavy Pans all!


Easy to get to. Sorta… — 2x4

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Directions were door to door on Google Maps. Tried my GPS and WAZE but they were getting a little sketchy.

The state park part of the off-road drive was fine. Improved gravel road. Tell the gate guard you're with GPAA and they’ll give you a day pass for free.

Once you get to the US Forest road it’s part gravel part asphalt and AWFUL. Secure your gear.

Some standing ponds and some previous hole where I went. Pulled out 5 Home Depot buckets to clean up at home. It’s about an hour from the gate to the claim so plan your time accordingly.

If you decide to spend the night it’s $10/night, the guard said.


Closed for season? — 2x4

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Aryeh Lebowitz
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I arrived at the gate and the guard notified me that the road leading to the claim is closed for the season. This was a couple of weeks ago 11/10/22