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Fine gold abundant

47 0
Tim Leibel
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I have been to Buchanan many times. You can dredge there and they do really well, though the overburden takes is about 4-6 feet deep after the winter floods. I usually dig a hole or jump into a dredge hole and run buckets through a Sluice or classified thru my Multi-Sluice. Fine Gold is everywhere with nice pickers showing up frequently.


Gold gold gold

32 0
Bradley Dover
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Gold here is good with fines to nuggets there has been a 3/4 oz nugget found in the past .


Buchanan farm claim GA

30 0
Tim Leibel
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Buchanan is one of the few claims where dredging is still allowed. The gold tends to be fine flood gold. The occasional picker is found under rocks in the upper end of the claim.


finding gold

25 0
Joe Accavallo
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well its a great place we have some good clean/cold water if you are lucky you will find gold. I have worked this creek mabey 35 times and never was it a the people are awesome!!!!!!


Family fun

22 2
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Was here about a year ago, easy access and always find some gold, also found a couple arrowheads while dredging so keep your eyes open you never know whats going to pop up