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Stephen Lewin
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As of 8/2/2018
Several large nuggets showing up while dredging on upper portions of the claim,in cracks in the bottom of bedrock!!!!
Please get the June 2018 Gold and Fish Booklet


First time at Direct 1 Claim

9 0
Ronald Collins
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Got a little lost at the end crossing the bridge when I should have turned left. Great campsites associated with this mine and not far. You can tell some of the areas have been worked over but I think there is hope. Mainly first trip. I will be back. It was rainy and easy to see the 10,000 pot wholes/craters on the way to the claim. I love this place just to be there and enjoying the moment.


Copper Creek gold

8 0
Matt Tripp
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Panned several promising locations, found a few chunky flakes.
Dredging would likely be good with lots of exposed bedrock to work!
Prospector Tripp


Quick Look

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Took a quick drive down. 30 minutes of rough road from paved road. Still, made it in my Honda Fit. Took a bucket sample off the bank. Found some promising color.

I’ll be back with my mini motor home.



6 0
Andy Shaules
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sampled both sides.
Not a trace of flood gold.
Deposit sites are all dug out.
Beautiful place but the only gold I found was not on the creek.