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Carol Placer/MUPU — 2x4 or 4x4

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From Atlantic City, Wyoming; Take road south to Willie Handcart Monument and Grave. 7 miles from Atlantic City the road bears to the left to Rock Creek. Cross the Rock Creek Bridge and continue on the Oregon Trail/Lewiston Road. One mile from the bridge you will come to a two-track. Take the one to the right, NOT LEFT.. you will be turning to the south west. Continue on the two track for approximately 1/2 mile, on left there will be a sign that says: Federal Mining Claim ( Carol Placer-GPAA claim). Take the two track to the left, watch for the sharp rocks. Trail will lead you down to a meadow and Rock Creek. You will now be on the claim. Hand panning a sluice box only. NO dredging or high banking allowed. Live stream with approximately of 2500 feet of placer ground. Gulches to the East and West contain high bench gravels, as well as quartz stringers (Miner Delight Formation). MUPU connects with Carol Placer on the southwest corner of the section as shown in the map. You will have to walk into MUPU claim. GPS is recommended. Owner of property permits camping for up to two weeks. PRIMITIVE,NO FACILITIES AVAILABLE.


claims are junck — 4x4

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johney larimore
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If you go to the claims bring lots of bug spray. Ticks. Horse flies. Deer flies and blood suckers very bad. I spent 4 days prospecting and I ran 50 buckets each day and didn't find hardly anything. There is gold but its not worth all the work y are going to do


Careful on those rocks — 4x4

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Richard Lambert
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I will defer to Rick Messina's genera directions to get close to the claim, they are accurate. However, after you get to the Willie Handcart monument it gets dicey. Up and down the stream at the bridge is a large Mormon set of facilities. From there, on the other side of the stream w/the two tracks finding the right roads will be tricky. A navigation GPS is highly recommended. Beware the rocks at this point as well. I think with traction and grade a two wheel drive could make the drive, but you really need the heavy duty tires typical of a heavier duty truck----there are tons of sharp rocks that will destroy tires; you can't simply avoid them, and if lose a tire you are a very long way from help, with minimal or zero cell phone reception.


Getting to Carol Placer and MUPU Placer — 2x4

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Richard Martindell
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When you leave Atlantic City, make sure you stay to the left, past the Fire Department, on to Three Forks Rd. (If you're not heading up a steep hill, you took the wrong road.) Stay toward Lewiston (generally southeast).


Road is washed a bit — 4x4

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Clayton Phipps
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The directions everyone else has provided will get you there just fine, I also found that I could drop a pin in google maps and it would provide directions all the way to the entrance road. The road itself it rutted after the wet spring and summer, but it is passable with a 4x4 truck or even a lifted Subaru. I worked the southern end of Carol Placer claim and was able to drive the majority of the way.