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More than one road to get you on the Gold! — 2x4 or 4x4

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From I-17 travel west on Hwy 74 (Carefree Hwy) 29 miles to Castle Hot Springs Road. Turn right (north) onto Castle Hot Springs Road. From Hwy 60 (Grand Blvd) turn right onto Hwy 74 for 1.2 miles, turn left (North) onto Castle Hot Springs Road.

GPS Users – Intersection 33°51'44.31"N -112°36'49.36"W


Rain Directions — 2x4 or 4x4

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Donald Luff
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John Watkins directions work great, unless it just rained a couple days before. we tried going in a couple days after a recent rain and could not get past the pond. it had grown twice its usual size and the road/trail was underwater. soft bottom. so we back tracked to north mine road, turned north, continue to 33°56'10.2"N 112°34'33.0"W and turn left. This is the route that Christopher Satkowski and john Watkins both warned as not recommended. well I have a 2005 Ford f150 super crewcab, 4WD, totally stock. I didn't think it was all that bad. I guess it all depends on your ability as an off roader. I would think just about any 4WD vehicle could make it. anyway, go up a slight hill then down to the wash, turn left into the wash. about a hundred yards or so down the wash is pretty much the center of the claim. out the same way.


Vulture Bait Claim — 2x4

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John Watkins
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In Morristown AZ, go north of SR 74 onto Castle Hot Springs Rd 2.6mi, turn left just past cattle sign.


Vulture Bait Claim Access — 2x4 or 4x4

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Christopher Satkowski
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I exit North Mine road at 33°55'04.9"N 112°35'05.1"W and at the creek take a left and then a quick right up the road at 33°55'05.0"N 112°35'09.1"W. I drive straight and then
I enter the Little San Domingo just after the tin shack by 33°55'49.3"N 112°35'03.4"W and keep driving North. Once back on the creek, There's a couple of points where you can't drive over the rocks, but side roads have been created.

As a secondary, you can keep North on North Mine road and turn off at 33°56'10.2"N 112°34'33.0"W and park about a hundred meters up the road at 33°56'17.7"N 112°34'35.8"W. The road to the wash is quite worn and I won't drive my 4 WD down there. A good off road jeep can enter here.


Vulture Bait Access 2x4 in early 2021 — 2x4

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Doyle McCandless
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Thank you GPAA for the opportunity to have these experiences. We followed Kevin Hoaglands directions to Vulture Bait via the lower wash route, turned left at the windmill and right in the wash then left up the hill and stopped at the level camping spot he described, before a 4x4 is a must. We have a 2wd double cab pickup
hauling a pop-up camper. That was as far as we could haul it safely. Beautiful site, we stayed 14 days.
We navigated the N Mine rd one day, and passed by the miners shack, went through and up the wash the other days with my truck, to get to the claim. Center of claim is accessable by high clearance 2wd. FYI LOTS OF ARIZONA PINSTRIPING