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BAHDE 12, 13, 14

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Bahde #12, 13 & 14 — 2x4 or 4x4

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Take Hwy 93 North out of Kingman to Hwy 25/Pierce Ferry Rd. 21.8 mile. Pay attention to the speed limit through Dolan Springs. Turn Left on Gregs Hideout Rd/ CR-139 and go 3 miles to the corner of Spring Dr./Tr# 7023 and Gregs Hideout Rd. Turn Left on
Spring Dr./Tr 7023 and go 1 mile to corner of Spring Dr./Tr 7023 and Hideout Rd./Catfish St. Turn Right on Hideout Rd./Catfish St. and go 3 miles to Gladiola Dr. This is the Southeast Corner of Hoppy #1 thru 4 claims. To get to Bahde #10, 11, 12, 13 & 14, Continue on Hideout Dr./CR139 for 1 mile which is the NE Corner of Hoppy #1 - 4. Turn Left onto Granite Gorge Dr. and travel 1 mile West to the corner of Granite Gorge Dr. and N Boundary Dr. Turn Right onto N Boundary Dr. and travel North for one mile and follow road making Left hand curve onto Tr 7022. Continue West on Tr 7022 past the helo landing pad/refueling pad on your right at approximately 3/4 mile, and continue in a Southwest direction for 1.6 miles past the drive way going into the helo landing/refueling pad. At coordinates 35° 52' 56.06"N 114° 13' 43.04"W you will be at the East edge of Bahde #10. Bahde #11 is straight West of Bahde #10. After entering Bahde #10 and 11 you can continue on this trail in a Southwesterly direction to Bahde #12, 13 and 14 or you can follow the main trail Southwest for approximately 2.3 miles at coordinates; 35° 51' 39.75"N 114° 15' 33.89"W and turn right onto trail to coordinates; 35° 51' 55.78"N 114° 15' 39.23"W where you will enter the Southern end of Bahde #12. Bahde #14 is straight North of #12 and #13 is East of #14.
Please see Step #2 for Coordinated to claims.