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BAHDE 12, 13, 14

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Basin Gold!

68 1
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Live out of Dolan so visit claim often. Very good area for drywashing/ high frequency vlf detecting.
Lots of fines and smaller pickers abound if you just do a bit of poking around! Area used by some commercial outfits for testing minelabs so most bigger stuff worked out.
Should have no problems pulling out 1\2 to 1 gram a day if you are willing to shovel a bit!
Don't hesitate to give me a call for some help! Love to prospect!


gold basin

35 0
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there is still gold on these claims. I used a puffer and found some flakes and a couple of pickers only worked it for a couple of hours. access is best with a 4x4 however you can get to the claims with a 2 wheel drive. go in the late fall or in spring hot in summer


Chris conlon

34 2
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Very productive claim. I have make a good living mining this area. Best results on outside of bends where calche and hard red material meet. 1 gram nuggets are common.


Found a nice nugget

33 0
Tom Jarlock
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My brother and I just joined and thought we could find a little gold with beginners luck. Fortunately for us we contacted Jeff and he guided us with his decades of experience. Jeff was glad to share his techniques, tools, and even his dry wash plant. Together we processed about 50 buckets of material. We found some flakes and Jeff used his detector to help us find a nugget that was nearly a gram in size. We know a lot more now that we spent the day with Jeff. I hope all members of the GPAA are as generous with their time and wisdom as Jeff was. Great experience!


looks good

15 2
Honore Acosta jr
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I visited these claims 5/19 took some samples. didn't find anything, but looked promising with right equipment. I just had my pan and the dirt was moist. Another gentlemen there showed me some nuggets he found on bed rock in wash's.