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Arkansas Group - Hot Run #1, Hot Run #2, Goldit #1, Goldit #2, Re Run, Deer Run

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Arkansas Group, June 2020 — 2x4

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Chris Mazzola
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Very easy to find and easy access. About 2 hr drive from CoSprings on highway 24. Gas is cheaper in downtown Buena Vista, plenty of convenience stores, restaurants/fast food, etc. Be mindful of speed limits!

I chose to drive through Buena Vista to Main St, head east on Main, then left on 371 to access the claims from the south.

CR371 is a narrow dirt road but is well maintained with minimal "washboard". Gets muddy quick after a rain, and is a fairly busy road.

Railroad Bridge Campground (southern end of claims) is great spot, but is a pay-use location (this is part of the Arkansas River Headwaters State Recreation Area). in June of 2020 it was $9 for day use only. Prices are higher if you want to reserve a camping site, is strictly monitored, and reservations are recommended. LOTS of river rafters use this area for overnight camping.

Along the road through the claims, the banks of the river are fairly steep - about 10 to 20 feet from the roadway to the water. There are a few "turn outs", but parking is prohibited on the road. There are also a couple camping locations along the river with easy access to the river banks, but these will fill up quick with campers. Be mindful of claim boundaries, as they are not marked, and claims are adjacent to each other all along the river.

Another post mentions Elephant Rock campground which is south of the Arkansas Group GPAA claims. As of June 2020, there is a small (less than 1 mile) stretch of river that runs UPSTREAM of Elephant Rock that is unclaimed. Again, be mindful of claim boundaries!

Busy times of year for river rafting are spring into mid summer. The water flow in the river is controlled, and springtime is when water is transferred from the reservoirs upstream, to the lower reservoirs/lakes in the south. Water will be fast running and at higher levels than late summer/fall, when more shoreline will be exposed.


Arkansas Group — 2x4

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The directions are pretty clear in the claims guide, just don't miss the turn onto county road 371.


Flour gold is everywhere. — 2x4

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David Fini
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Directions to the claim are spot on, I came in from the Buena Vista side and the road is well maintained, scenic and any vehicle can handle it. I parked at the railroad bridge campground because it was close to where I wanted to work but there are free parking areas available. I didn't mind spending the $9 day use fee just for the convenience.


Buena Vista Aransas Group — 2x4

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Bob Jones
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North out of town


Gold — 2x4

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Aaron Powers
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