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Dickinson 4 Gold

18 0
John Watkins
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Easy access to west side of Dickinson 4. Dug 4-6" down in small wash and ran 4 buckets thru highbanker. Soaked some clay balls to break up prior to highbanker. Final cleanup was 40+ pcs.


Good Spot for beginners.

18 0
Nathan Wood
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We worked this claim for our first year and a half with GPAA , we got decent gold every time we went here, never got skunked. we ran a recirculating system, Dry Washing is also very common, the one thing I will recommend, is don't stick to the normal areas to find gold. it is literally everywhere on this claim.. just don't dig in the parking space. Please don't leave any holes because that area is open range and cattle roam free, along with Wild Horses, Donkeys, and other wildlife. the Main wash on this claim has been worked a lot, but still has a lot of gold, the Phoenix chapter has spent a lot of time trying to maintain these claims, so we don't loose them due to complains by ranchers.


Dickinson #4 prospecting

10 0
David Holt
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Easy to access in my 2 wheel, only last bit on Stanton Hall Rd was bit rutted. Detected for a couple of hours without anything much (at least there wasn't much trash). Dug down to the hardpan in a few spots in the main wash and panned through a 1/ 8th screened bucket (a couple of 5 gallon B.Y.O.H20 in a big bin) with a few flakes and fines that I'll sort out in my Blue Bowl. Brought 3 buckets back home to go through later. Not a bad spot at all and will definately check again when it's cooler as it was 91+ degrees in the sun today


NW corner

7 0
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Mid March 2020 Visit.
Found 13+ pieces of fine and very fine gold in a narrow clay bottom wash. Panned concentrates at home.


Dickinson #4

5 1
Tad Hamilton
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Been out with people that have done really well out there. I have not done much detecting on this one.