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Gold pickers on Placer Pete

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If you find this post helpful please give me a thumbs up so I know.
Spent 2 days in coolgardie area one day on the Hey budee 1 claim and the next day on the placer Pete claim Met a friend of mine another GPAA member on the claim Bill McCoy we dry washed together in some of the washes this is an excellent claim it produces every time just a pleasure to prospect here when we went to leave I went to walk and open my truck on the passenger side and lo and behold a gigantic Mojave green rattlesnake scared the bejesus out of me he immediately went into strike mode and rattled and then went underneath my truck placed himself by the rear of my front tire and would not leave man it was tough to get him out of there finally we chased him off to and Bush where he sat rattling pistzoff for the next hour as we loaded our trucks it was a great day the gold was nice I found this nice chunky picker gonna have to call it the tinker bell picker as when it's in my vile it has the sound of Tinkerbell when it rattles excellent day!


Gold Recovery at Claim

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Philip Zasadny
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Hi all, Claim owner Phil, AKA Dusty Dry-washer. Steve and I have worked several areas on the claim over a few great camping trips. All have produced gold. Great fun and exercise. Glad to open our claim up to GPAA, enjoy.


Plenty of gold left - Please be kind to the claim

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Steve Scukanec
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We were out at the claim last weekend and sure enough many of you have enjoyed the claim. Lot and lots of activity are evident on the claim. Large deep holes are showing up. I would like to stress a few things. Please post reports of activity, please fill in your holes, we have tortoises on the claim and the must be able to move around without falling into a hole. If we don't do that we risk losing the claim. Finally we have had some equipment removed from the claim without permission. Sure would like to see that not happen anymore! Have a great time on the claim but please be kind to it as well.


Decomposed Granite

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Steve Scukanec
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Thanks guys for the great reports on the Claim. There was one question regarding decomposed granite I may be able to help with. When you first dig in the south east side of the claim (larger area of claim where you find the discovery point) you can work in one of the several washes running through the claim. At first when you dig its pretty easy. The overburden is rich with JUNK! Eventually (if you are in the wash) hopefully you will get to the pay dirt. This is about 4-6 inches above the decomposing granite. Process this dirt, you can find gold in this material. As you shovel deeper you will find the digging gets more difficult. The shovel seems to find what sounds like gravel. It's compact and challenging to get through with the shovel. You have found the decomposed granite! Now it gets challenging, you can (like we did at first) dig harder and even use a pick to get this material out. Using this method will make the material chunky and not ready for a dry washer. You will need to pound the material to break up the clumps and loose the color hiding in the cracks of the granite. This is very hard work. Using a hammer drill breaks the material up much faster. This results in smaller chunks which can be smashed with your shovel once or twice and ready for your washer! We have gone down over 1 foot of the granite and found gold. I have some pics below to hopefully help you out! I hope this helps. We hope to be out on the claim on April 23rd 2019. Don't be afraid to stop by and say Hi. We will be glad to help you out if you wish!


Finding Gold on this claim - It can be done

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Steve Scukanec
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This claim is on the southern end of the Coolgardie area near Barstow. Gold is fine to small pickers and small nuggets both coarse and flat. Gold can be detected but the overburden is loaded with junk so some shoveling is required (I suggest the top 4 inches). High banking and dry washing will yield good results with fines , pickers and the occasional small nugget found on top of the Caliche layers.
Working the decomposed granite is also good but is hard work. A generator with a hammer drill to break through the loose decomposed granite then drywashing works well. The same type of gold can be found but seems to be a bit more plentiful working the area this way.
This is a large claim with several washes available. Look at these washes as you would a river. Find the "inside bend" and the other "Stream" intersections and you should be OK. Moved 1 3/4 yards of dirt and using a dry washer found 300 pieces of gold ranging from very fine to pickers and what some would call small nuggets. Have yet to weigh the findings however. This is typical all over the claim (at least the area's I have prospected so far). Much of the North east area of the claim is still to be discovered.
This claim has been around a long time with several areas worked well in the past. Metal detector's working the multiple tailing piles may have good luck finding what the old timers left behind.