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Dumb Luck Corrections — 2x4

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John Watkins
Step 1 of 1

Gerald Leffew, you are mistaken, Dumb Luck sits between Road Runner Claims Pennyweight #2 and Cass No 6.
Frank Jackson Step #4 has the correct information; Dumb Luck NW corner is the center of Section 29 T7, R3W and immediately south of AZ AU #1


Staking / Signage — 2x4

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Jon Owens
Step 1 of 1

Can we setup a date and time to place markers on the proper claim location? This claim is going to waste otherwise.


***(CAUTION) Dumb Luck AZ 105230770 (CAUTION)*** — 2x4

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Frank Jackson
Step 1 of 4

I mapped the Claim using the ingress and center coordinates and it is a 40 acre claim as per records MLRS File AZ105230770. According to the center point it would be described as being the NE SW of Section 29-7N-3W. This matches the map photo herein for Dumb Luck. However, according the the MLRS records it lies within the SE1/4 of said Section 29. The claimant may want to check with the BLM to make sure it is entered correctly on their records.


Yahoo — 2x4

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Gerald Leffew
Step 1 of 1

I'm wrong


I question the location of this claim. — 2x4

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Years ago when this claim was a gpaa claim it was 40 acres to the east of where it's showing. And there were good corner markers. Not now. So I was out at the supposed Dumb luck claim. At the northeast corner there are Roadrunner claim markers for the southeast and Northeast corners of pennyweight. So it's definitely not dumb luck there.