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Paved road to Nancy's Gold — 2x4

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GPAA Claims
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From Auburn at the corner of Foresthill Rd. and Mosquito Ridge Rd, take Mosquito Ridge Rd. 9.2 miles to claim boundary.


Parking and Trail Access — 2x4

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Edward Larsen
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The previous posting showing 9.2 miles from the corner of Forrest Hill road and Mosquito Ridge road is correct. There are parking turn-outs on both the west and east sides of the bridge. The west turn-out is largest. There are several unimproved trails down on the east side. Two begin adjacent to and below the east end of the bridge. These trails are very steep and unstable and a risky descent or climb out. There is another trail at the south end of the east side parking turn-out. It descends in a steep southerly diagonal down the slope and appears to be the best access. It is still steep enough it would be a good idea to have trekking poles for stability. Only very good hiking boots with good traction soles should be worn. Watch out for poison oak bushes since they are growing near the trails. It appears there are several homeless camping sites at the river although no one was seen and the camps did not seem to be used recently. It is a beautiful site and has good gold panning/sluicing access.


Road still open. — 2x4

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Roger Sleight
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Road paved to claim. Wide turnout for parking. Fairly steep trail down to river.


Road is now open — 2x4

6 1
Robert McCullough
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Prospected it twice at the end of April and the road was open and cllear


Steep trail down — 2x4

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Ryan Mick
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The trail to get down is on the East side of the bridge.