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Lode is feeding the claim.

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I surveyed the claim and discovered a lode starting South of the road and continuing in a SW direction. The gold coming off the lode is going in a NW direction. I read gold from the lode over 1/2 mile to the end of the arrow.


Type of material

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GPAA Claims
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Creek is seasonal but you will find fine gold in creek, not always in pay-streaks but washes into low spots in bedrock when stream runs long time at low level. Have heard of a picker of two being found but have not seen such. Small pieces of Tourmaline probably of the Schorl species. Have seen blues and green, mainly black.


The creek is dry today...

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John Sproule
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Just me. Down to the creek bed I went. Brought a backpack, 3 pans, 9 classifiers, a folding shovel, a Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and a positive attitude. Good thing on all accounts. Found a shady spot more than once and dug in. You know, around and under the big boulders; the towering walls just got to be bedrock on its side. Hours and hours sifting, sorting, separating and saving in 2 x 5 gal buckets not too full. Seeing color like I've seen on U-Tube. Looking good. Back at camp pulled out a 5 gallon water jug. Got with it. Panned it out well I thought. And ended up with zip zero zilch nada.

Yes I'm new at this. Never seen gold in any natural form. Refuse to buy it on-line. My day will come. Soon I hope.


No gold. Gates of hell weather.

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Doug Wozny
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Over 105F but the itch to play in the dirt got the best of me. Couldn't get to the claim due to closed roads (see my post in the "getting there" section). Decided to snoop around along the wash and hillside to the northwest, along the "improved" road. Lots of great looking areas. Pulled 15 or so various samples (deep and shallow) and processed them at home. Notta. Ran the AT Max over a few areas, found nothing but a few bullets and a set of car keys. Most of the wash is deep with sand, cobble, and decomposed everything, i'm fairly confident there will be nothing at or near surface levels and to be productive, its going to take some serious digging. Ran into a couple guys with their kids that had a few rocks they thought were laced with gold. I felt bad telling them they found some really pretty mica and pyrite samples, but I ran my Garrett Carrot over the rocks for them just in case. Always fun to get out to the field, but this trip was a complete waste of calories. Before going again, i'll wait for mother nature to get back on her bipolar disorder meds.


Didn't find anything with metal detector

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Serhiy Ivanov
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I didn't find anything with metal detector, except for bullets and many hot rocks.
I checked some places mentioned by Charles Jojola - its thick bushes with kind of trails.
Then I walked up the stream and didn't find much bedrock to inspect.
There is little water in the creek, I had to dig small "ponds" in order to pan.
I'm planning to go there again just for panning, I don't think metal detecting is good here.
(I'm a beginner, I might be looking at wrong places)