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Corrected GPS coordinates and directions. — 2x4

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Hey Budee #9 is located west of Hey Budee #1. The correct GPS coordinates for the South/East corner of the HB #1 claim are: 35 degrees 6' 2" N and -117 degrees 4' 23" W.
From Barstow, take Irwin Road north. Turn left onto Copper City Road. Just past the top of the hill, there's a marker on the left side of the road (BM3960). Continue past the marker for 3/4-mile and turn left on Coolgardie Road (4' steel pipe with yellow paint on top) near a stand of Joshua trees. Continue on Coolgardie Road for 5.6-miles to the South/East corner of the HB #1 claim. Go west 1/4 mile to the South/East corner of HB #9.


To Hey Budee 9 — 4x4

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Thomas Goodman
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4x4 recommended due to very soft desert ground. Heading north out of Barstow on Irwin Road. After about a mile you will find Copper City Road to your left. Follow that for 5 plus miles to coolgardie Road which will be on your left. It is marked Forest Road Route 7225. Follow coolgardie Road for 6-7 miles until you get to a junction with several roads coming together. Pick up Forest Road 7206 for about 1 mile to claim Hey Buddee 1. Hey Budee 9 was adjacent to 1 on its west border.


Jeremy's house — 2x4

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Jeff Salcedo
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ground soft?