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#9 at the G spot

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follow Charles Jojola's map and went to the G spot and around. metal detected for 3 hours all over the load area he dowsed. nothing but some 50 cal shells, tips and shackles from the artillery.
set up dry washer in a high mineralized drifts sluffing off the hill (load area) ran 3 buckets panned out and found nice flake. ran 9 more buckets. could not tell if gold was on top or down lower but I did get some more when I took the cons home and worked them.
one of the access roads that would take you straight to the G spot on the map is closed now with a red maker from BLM that says access closed but plenty of other accesses to get close.
walked the claim and the claim marker in the center has a box on it that has been vandalized and whatever contents are gone and the door is ripped off and missing.
nice area, I am looking forward to going back and seeing the other areas of this claim they looked good. I will get more gold next time


Most of the gold from lode is discovered on HB #9.

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Step 1 of 1

I was surveying HB #1 using map dowsing and found a lode running between HB #1 & 9. Most of the gold is deposited at marker "G" on the HB #9 claim.


Hey Budee FC 1,9

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Step 1 of 4

found the claim using the claims guide with no problem. claim corner markers are visible on this claim from a small hill they are on. I mapped doused the GPAA claims guide and planned on going to another claim until my pendulum went crazy over the F,C boxes. so off we went, dowsed the grounds and got a solid repeatable hit in a hole someone else had dug to below the Caliche. but my dousing rods said to clean out a small area they had stopped at and low and behold there was some gold there. I never completed cleaning out the spot as I got tired. great weather about 77 and clear and sunny. found color in all pans I panned sampling this claim. this is good ground that looks like it has not been worked as hard as others. all the signs of high mineralization are there and I expect to go back and do even better now that I have seen the lay of the land and that the gold here is fine to super fine. nice claim



8 0
Thomas Goodman
Step 1 of 1

We used the metal detector and gold pan. Ran the detector over many square feet of ground but found no gold big enough to detect. this claim is fairly clean without a lot of junk and a minimum amount of prospecting has been done.


Middle of nowhere

6 1
Thomas Goodman
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This claim site has two hills with a valley running between them with a few washes to prospect. Heavy caliche 4 to 20 in below the surface. Gold panned for 8 hours and did not find any flakes.