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A little afternoon panning

21 0
John Prospector
Step 1 of 2

Nothin fancy here. I brought my mini sluice and a gold pan. Prospecting in Southern California during the summer is difficult due to the heat, so I wanted to go somewhere there was water.


Waiting for the traffic

14 0
John Prospector
Step 1 of 3

Saw a post from a member yesterday about metal detecting Lytle Creek. On my way home from work I decided to stop by SB Able 30L while I waited for the traffic to settle down.


SB Able 30L prospecting

13 0
Adam Schydlower
Step 1 of 1

I brought my detector and pan from El Paso in the hopes of spending at least a day of our family vacation prospecting on Lytle Creek.
I found SB Able 30L with no problem. I did not find running water as the others did, but I may not have gone far enough south.
I just dry panned and found a couple of flakes in a wash. I detected for a bit. Tons of trash and bullets but I imagine a very experienced detector could find gold there.
One cannot park at the ingress without a high clearance vehicle to get over the curb (blue circle). I parked in a little nook (red circle) and crossed the road and walked a short distance to the claim.


Tough Day Drywashing

12 0
Step 1 of 6

decided to go to this claim due to the localness to where I line in Ontario. a quick drive up the way and easy to find. I took the path direct west from the ingress area and dowsed the flood basin that was dry river bed area looking for iron steaks to follow but could not get any hits. I took to some of the lowest ground I could find that had the most flooded action. I worked a dry bend in the flood channel and the cut gravel bar. I dug down to about 2 feet and also took some from the gravel bar too. I was able to get 10 5 gal buckets run in a few hours but the gravel was compacted and tough to make a lot of ground with. slow digging but the great temps helped. took the cons back to the truck and panned them on the tailgate. Man I have to say DO NOT TRY AND METAL DETECT THIS CLAIM UNTIL YOU SEE THE PHOTOS I WILL POST HERE. I classified the cons and each classification was loaded, I mean it was ALL LEAD!!! Yep!! All Lead. so detecting here would be like being in the Hell of all Hells for detectors. you would dig tons of it. oh man!!
anyway no gold but as always it was and is never truly about the gold, but the love of the hunt. Better luck next time.


Warning when parking on Lytle Creek Road

11 0
Julie Inmon
Step 1 of 1

DO NOT leave anything of value in your car! After having my debit cards and cash stolen (I believed incorrectly that I'd locked my car - I know, I know, the lock is actually faulty...), local law enforcement let me know that thefts (including broken windows) are common from parked cars on Lytle Road. Essentially, thieves watch for you to walk away from your car.

Also - I couldn't recommend a metal detector on this claim. It's less frustrating down in the main wash proper further from the road but it's amazing how many shell casings are there. No ticks in February, thankfully, but plenty of broken bottles so watch your step and don't trip. No gold found but still getting used to all this so I wouldn't blame the claim. :)

Still - super easy access, nice area, the picnic area nearby is great with running water kids can play in, etc.