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Lots of gravel

12 0
Janet Merino
Step 1 of 1

Fast current and lots more water than there was two years ago, found many specks and flakes. Nice claim and easy access.


Not the same

4 0
Roger Sleight
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Claim is very different now that the boundaries changed. Not as much bedrock to work and access is a bit more difficult. Go to the very downstream end or the upstream end, not much to work in between.


Fine gold and flakes

3 0
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There is plenty of fine gold and flakes around if you pay attention to what is under the sandy banks. The exposed bedrock is not worth working down by the riverside on the eastern end. Have worked multiple spots on this claim and if you want any good gold, you are not going to find it easily but it is there.

Additional note: When the sun starts to set, go back up to the road slow and pay attention, there are rattle snakes in this area and there are a lot of good spots for them on the paths in.