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Clubhouse — 2x4

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Jason Rasmussen
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The pin leads you through a gated community. We went to claim and it is in the middle of a gated community. Have to have passcode to get through gate unless you get behind someone. Pin dropped in middle of pasture. I'd love to see someone mine this and not get in trouble with the tenents of this community.


Outing on 5/12/2018 — 2x4 or 4x4

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Samuel Willoughby
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It is about an 1h drive from Florissant Colorado. take 25 to 9 toward fairplay turn left toward Buena vista and right at CR 20 - go straight until you see forestry access road 117 on right. Take it. you will come to a four way with private drives left and right go straight . Dead ends and currently closed. there is a No parking sign on left side of barrier on right the sign is gone. Walk through the barrier go right the dirt road angles to the left go 40 yards and turn right into the woodline. Go straight as an arrow. I didn't find the pin but the gps cords I was right on top. I pulled a sample 3 feet down and ran through pan, VERY FINE gold 4 tiny pieces. NO WATER closet is about 900 yards west at 4 mile road. There is a sign there that had FMRC (Something Recreation Center? ) Not sure if this part of the claim or not. according to the GPS cords it is. Need leadership to provide some instructions as to accessing the creak there....etc.. - Sam


GPAA Sitehasser7 — 4x4

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James Moore
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Canon city, Colo


Coordinate Update — 4x4

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This is the coordinates and should be used with projection of North American Datum of 1983, it may be shown as NAD83 best if you have NAD83 conus (Continental United States)