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Longs Fishing Camp

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Just checking it out.

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You definitely need to be prepared. Lots of trenches in the paths. I suggest a 4x4 with good tires to grab when needed. It took a while to get in and then I was worried I would not get out because of the rain coming down and I am driving a standard Chevy Traverse with not much ground clearance.

I got there a little too late to pan as it was dark and decided I to leave when the rain started coming down.

May want to consider a winch and a chainsaw for the trees falling across the paths.

Lots of nice looking campsites. It seems people have really been good about taking care of the area.

Beautiful place if you know what you are doing, I was a little anxious because I do not 😁 I think I should get a good handheld GPS.

Cell service: my Verizon worked ok when on or near the top of a hill. It would drop to 3G and then no service as I descended.


Lots of Pyrite. Would be fun for kids :)

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Stayed in a rustic cabin Oct 6th 2018. Place has nice views. Plenty of deer, cows, hogs, and donkeys roaming around.

This being the first time I have ever panned for gold you can imagine how excited I was to find what looked like a lot of gold. I felt like a kid again scooping the material into my bucket. After working the material and closer examination I did realize I had came upon a mother load of Pyrite. Hahaha 😁

There have been nuggets located in and around the river reported but was said to be found with a metal detector.

I loved my time there and hopefully will go back again soon.

Kids could have a blast here.


Longs Fish and Dig

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Rustic camping, no RV hookups, rustic cabin rental (only one has water and restroom-rustic) porta-cans on property, fine gold, arrowheads, and fishing
$10 camp fee plus $7 per adult
Dredge fee $20 - 5” max nozzle

Nice place to get away to camp, fish, and do a little prospecting