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NO ROAD — 4x4

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Bernadette Lombardi
Step 1 of 1

1.3 miles down sailors ravine the road is washed out. You could walk or bike it 3.5 miles in.
May 27 2018.


D and J1 — 4x4

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Bernadette Lombardi
Step 1 of 2

Go to Downieville ca in sierra county. Go over bridge and make a right onto Main Street follow to the fork. Take the upper road Sailors Ravine not the lower that leads down. Follow for about 4.8 miles you will see the claim sign D and J1. The road fits one car only with several small water crossing. You will drive upwards and will look down at the river and then down to it. There is a very large pile of tailings and you will be there.